Barbara Bennett

Barbara Bennett

By Barbara Bennett

Inger Pa, a longtime Kaua‘i resident, has joined For Kaua‘i in the Sales and Marketing Department.

“I have watched For Kaua‘i grow over the years as a leader in community news and cultural feature stories. For Kaua`i has become the most read publication on Kaua‘i,” said Inger, married to Stanton. “I am proud to join such a professional and dedicated team.”

Kaua‘i People, now For Kaua‘i, has been publishing for 11 years, and Inger will be a great addition to our publication. She formerly worked for Menu Magazine and has a wonderful diverse background in business and sales.

The wonderful story of For Kaua‘i started in 2002, when I traveled every month to Honolulu, because I was on the Board of Directors for the Hawai‘i Visitors and Convention Bureau. During those visits, I met with Jay Higa, the sales director for The Honolulu Advertiser at the time.

After many visits, Jay and I saw an opportunity for company growth and a need for a community newspaper on Kaua‘i. My success as the Kaua‘i sales director for This Week Magazine for more than eight years convinced The Honolulu Advertiser to invest in 2003 in a community newspaper called Kaua‘i Island News.

Kaua‘i Island News was a weekly publication. Three years later, the name changed to Kaua‘i People because its focus was all about people, their businesses and nonprofit organizations.

How did we become For Kaua‘i more than four years ago?

After seven years of a successful run with Kaua‘i People, I took a giant step to continue the concept and vision by becoming the owner and publisher of For Kaua‘i. Today, our successful run has continued for more than four years.

Now, Inger Pa will join the team. Thank you, Inger.

This year promises to be very exciting. Editor Léo Azambuja is focused on perpetuating the culture of our island with his cover stories, and our new sales and marketing team, Jill Caisey and Inger Pa, are creating new advertising opportunities.

Former sales and marketing staff Melinda Uohara was a strong partner for four years. She retired in December, and For Kaua‘i wishes her well on her future endeavors.

In Jan. 2011, when we received our very first issue of For Kaua‘i, some caring people questioned my decision to start a business in a down economy and at my age.

My answer was that Kaua‘i People was a successful publication, and if we follow the same vision, mission and format, we will continue on the path to success. And as far as age, it has nothing to do with starting a business.

Today, I’m happy to say we are still very successful. The economy has rebounded, and is looking very, very good for 2015 and beyond.

In that very first edition of For Kaua‘i, I said how important a community newspaper is to our island. A good community newspaper has been described as a community in conversation with itself, about itself. As such, a good newspaper connected to its community performs a vital function and contributes to reflection, understanding and progress. A good newspaper is central to the growth and success of the community it serves.

Enjoy For Kaua‘i, and know our dedicated staff will always help to make a difference in our community. Besides sharing information with Kaua‘i, we also distribute on O‘ahu and mail subscriptions to other Hawaiian Islands, the Mainland and Canada.

I also want to bid farewell to my dear friend and former sales staff, Bernard “b” Gosset, who is moving to Australia to pursue his photography career.

You can contact Inger Pa at or (808) 635-4687.


  • Barbara Bennett is the owner and publisher of For Kaua‘i Magazine. She can be contacted at