By Virginia Beck

Wailua River mouth, Kaua‘i’s Eastside.

Watching the sunrise, I can see how fast the world changes. The sweet flow of cloudbanks sinks and rises on the winds. The temperature warms as the sun lightens a horizon veiled in clouds and the air over the ocean begins to rise. Curtains of rain reveal isolated squalls, dragging their footprints across the ocean.

Even on a rainy morning, Kaua‘i is beautiful. These rhythmic patterns are our world breathing itself into life. Cycles of air and water, and the dance of direction, movement, the highlands and the low coastal shores, create a recurring rhythm, now as familiar as my heartbeat.

Knowingly or unknowing, we enter into this dance. Our day falls into place, as we modify our plans to move with this island rhythm. We seek the joys and treasures that a different weather, a different kind of day unfolds.

Those with beach plans will stifle sighs or complain bitterly, but there is so much to do and much to be seen on any day. Weather changes. The sun rises or sets. The rhythm of life on Kaua‘i is both faster and slower than we thought. The surf will remind you of this. Higher in the winter swells, especially the North shore.

Dove grey clouds are split into flames of amber and gold, as a widening river of light catches the early cloud. A flickering light show begins to astonish. But watch! Now! Quickly! Come see! The sun emerges, flushing the imaginary grey clouds in rose, mauve, amber, and it all changes in a few heartbeats.

Now a different dance begins. Different possibilities emerge. Maybe word the farmers’ market will not be so wet. An umbrella and rubber sandals make you waterproof. Anyway, our liquid sunshine is warm and will evaporate quickly. Almost certainly, a rainbow is to be found somewhere on Kaua‘i.

We have museums and shops full of art, fashion, craft, and treasures. Cottage industries flourish on Kaua‘i with handmade soaps, perfume oils, cosmetics, pastries, culinary treasures, and island specialties. Every town and craft fair has jewelry and art to boost your spirits and take your island memories home.

From gourmet vegetarian meals to five-star restaurants, Thai food trucks, and handmade sushi, poke, local juice bars and specialty pies, and as many forms of pizza and luscious burgers that creative cooks can devise.

Oh you want pineapple on your burger? No problem. Avocado on your pizza? No problem. Frozen bananas? Dried bananas? From the County’s Sunshine and Kaua‘i Community College farmers’ markets to the upscale Kuku‘iula’s “restaurant row” with the Wednesday afternoon culinary market, complete with lots of sidewalk sampling and multiple musicians dispersed through the crowd.

Hanalei will be full of offerings, the Friday Hanapepe Art Night with its galleries, restaurants, and streetside stalls, food and music are everywhere. There are art walks in Kapa‘a Town as well. And Waimea sprouts new offerings all the time. Brewing companies on Rice Street in Lihu‘e and in Port Allen. Kilohana and the Koloa Rum Company.

Flavors mingle, blend or contrast. It is all about choices and experiences and desires. What will you create today? Hurry, before it is all just a memory! But right now, the whole treasure chest of the world is right here, waiting for you to plunge in and enjoy!

Oh, the sky is clearing! Maybe the beaches on the Westside will be perfect? But look! Even the Eastside is opening up! Maybe the helicopter/ATV/zipline/boat is still possible.

The day is too short to go everywhere, and long on promises of fun and adventure. Hurry, the weather could change anytime. It is your choice. Aloha!

  • Virginia Beck, NP and Certified Trager® Practitioner, offers Wellness Consultation, Trager Psychophysical Integration and teaches Malama Birth Training classes. She can be reached at 635-5618.