Tasting Kauaʻi is pleased to announce a new food tour that explores the cuisine of Kauaʻi’s Royal Coconut Coast. This is the fourth food tour the company offers, all of which are an educational feast for the senses.

Royal Coconut Coast Kauaʻi Food Tour begins at a family-owned farm with a short stroll down an old plantation road where guests sample traditional Hawaiian food while learning about taro farming as well as the plantation history and culture of the Kealia area. Afterwards, guests sample Hawaiian street food and enjoy tastings at some of the East Side’s best farm-to-table restaurants. This food tour is centered around the beauty and creativity of the Royal Coconut Coast and spotlights a founding chef of Hawaii Regional Cuisine.
The 4-hour tour costs $120 and features five tastings at breezy seaside stops as well as a behind-the-scenes look at two of the top restaurants along the Royal Coconut Coast. Space is limited to 10 people per tour and reservations are required.
Tours are designed by, Marta Lane, founder of Tasting Kauaʻi and author of “Tasting Kauaʻi: An Insider’s Guide to Eating Well on the Garden Island.” Michelle Lemay, Tasting Kauaʻi’s culinary guide, has been a professional tour guide for 10 years and has led adventurous visitors on trips across the islands as well as around the world.
Tasting Kauaʻi donates a portion from each tour to the Hawaii Foodbank – Kauaʻi Branch (HFBKB), which is the only food bank on Kauaʻi that is audited by Feeding America and is required to meet strict national guidelines for the safe handling and distribution of food, financial and administrative practices as well as donor/agency relations. Seventy-three percent of HFBKB’s households are food insecure, meaning they do not always know where they will find their next meal; 66 percent of these households include children.
Tasting Kauaʻi inspires residents and visitors to buy local through educational and fun events while connecting guests with Kauaʻi’s culture, aloha, people and land. For more information, or to register, visit https://www.tastingkauai.com/.unnamed (15)