By Virginia Beck

20160122_164208As the days slowly lengthen into February, many of us are moving into more activity and wellness routines. The change of seasons lets us change our routines. Many of our health concerns relate to our spiritual well being and our key relationships.

The astonishing beauty of Kaua‘i is a constant reminder that life is much bigger than our schedules and routines. How do we keep ourselves grounded and balanced with so much change?

It is easier than you think. Just as four directions guide hikers and boaters, four simple daily checks maintain our balance.

First, how is your relationship with spirit? Do you owe some grateful attention and appreciation for your life and blessings? Hawaiian culture, like many others, shows that the greater power of life must be acknowledged and respected. Every religion has its own expression of gratitude and appreciation for the gift of our life.

The second is our relationship to the physical world, our planet, our ocean and our amazing island. The ‘aina, which nourishes and supports our community and our physical self. Without care, appreciation and respect, the Earth, our air, farms and waters cannot sustain the miracle of life. Do we over-consume, recycle, nurture? Do we take more than we give?

baby-784608_1920The third is our relationship to the web of all life, all living creatures and other humans. This is brought home in our daily interactions with others, especially our ‘ohana. Show aloha while driving, even though others may not respect this. We are at peace when we refrain from creating conflict, and are gracious when we allow others extra space.

A great teacher once said, “If you want to know how well you are doing in life, take a look at the people around you. Do people thrive in your presence? Are they growing, learning, and doing well? If they aren’t, what is the common element that connects them? Is it you or how you are treating them?”

We can focus our daily intentions to have people around us enjoy vibrant health and well being. When you focus on others in this way, you will notice your body feels more vibrant as you connect the feeling of vital energy with the images of loved ones in your heart and mind.

The fourth relationship is with our own heart, our individual expression of love for life.

Our heart is the rhythmic expression of the planetary pulsation, and is the miraculous pump that sustains us. About day 28, the tiny human embryo’s heart begins its amazingly synchronized pumping, beating twice as fast as a new mom’s heart.

Virginia Beck

Virginia Beck

We know hearts have their own electromagnetic fields and affect each other, not just the individual. Hearts ne