Calling All Cars!

Be on the lookout September 12th through the 14th for police activity.


Special suspects wanted! Persons of interest have been described as Uncles and Aunties who support Special Olympics Kauai. They are perceived as giving in nature and big fans of the Special Olympics Kauai Athletes.

The Kauai Police Department knows no limits when it comes to finding their suspects and raising the funds needed for Special Olympics Kauai. These brave men and women will shout their passion from the roof of the Lihue Walmart on September 12th through the 14th.

This special operation will begin Thursday, September 12th at 6:00 AM; officers will head to the rooftop with the help of KIUC, at the Lihue Walmart, located at 3-3300 Kuhio Hwy, Lihue, HI 96766 for the “Cop on Top” event.

Police officers will be on the ground and the roof to search for their suspects. Officers will not rest until they find their $25,000.00 funds to benefit Special Olympics Kauai Athletes.

“We will be accepting donations during the event, and Special Olympics T-shirts and other incentives will be available,” said Jocelyn Barriga, Area Director of Special Olympics Kauai. Donate Now!

“The Cop on Top fundraiser for Kauai’s Special Olympic athletes is a long-standing tradition for KPD officers. It really is a blessing that our community is so generous and supportive of our athletes. I feel I speak for all officers who have been atop the roof when I say that sacrificing our time for this worthy cause is a small gesture to give back to our community,” said Kauai Police Department’s Sgt. Rod Green.

Kauai Police Department Darryl Perry notes that “it is an honor for KPD to participate in this fundraiser as it affords another opportunity for officers to interact and showcase how much we really care for the community we serve.”
For more information about Special Olympics Kauai, The Cop on Top Event, to enroll an athlete or to become a volunteer, please call Jocelyn Barriga at 652-8662.

Over the past 40 years, Special Olympics has grown from a modest program serving local athletes to become the world’s largest movement dedicated to promoting respect, acceptance, inclusion, and human dignity for people with intellectual disabilities through sports. We are a movement through which the power of sport transforms the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and also unites everyone by fostering community-building and civil society. If you are a fan of sports that create unity, athletes who inspire, and connections that foster acceptance, then you are already a fan of Special Olympics.