13.5ASTROLOGY COLLAGE copyBy Haipule

 A new moon occurs when the moon is positioned between the earth and sun. From our position on earth it looks like the sun and moon are together in the same sign.  Every twelve months they revisit a sign.

Contemplate the Taurus Collage

  • How does taking care of yourself/ providing for yourself, reflect your values?
  • What areas in your life can’t you afford to ignore any longer?
  • When faced with a problem do you complain or do you take time to connect through quiet reflection?

This month they revisit Taurus, and we get to reflect characteristics of this earthy sign. Taurus mirrors what we value through the earthy ways we take care of and provide for ourselves and those we love. This includes our body and how we dress and adorn it. It includes our home and how we furnish it. It includes what we invest in to secure a stable future. Basically it includes anything we regard as valuable enough to use our resources to build or acquire.

Do current ways in which we take care of ourselves, still serve us? Do they make us feel relaxed and content? Do they sustain us and provide a secure foundation? Do we find them life enhancing and enriching? If not, during this new moon we get the opportunity to let go of things that no longer reflect who we’ve become, and seed a future that will better illustrate what we know to be worthy of our attention and our precious life force. This letting go of old ways is reinforced as the south node, representative of old and familiar patterns, is also in Taurus. Just because we’ve always provided for security and stability or even viewed beauty in a particular way, does not mean that it is still life enriching.

This month’s new moon is special because it appears to block the sun, creating a solar eclipse. This only occurs some new moons because the moon’s orbit ‘wobbles’ up and down and so it isn’t always in line with the earth as we travel around the sun.

Eclipses alter the earth’s electromagnetic field. This solar eclipse, much like a computer upgrade, allows old programs and negative thought forms that block our full potential to be deleted, so energy can flow. Our cosmic GPS, our pineal gland, is also stimulated. This allows us to act based on an inner knowing or sixth sense.

Symbolically the sun represents the more active masculine Taurus energy, like building, gardening and wealth creation; while the moon represents a more inward manifestation of this energy, like peace and contentment.

However, not only the sun and moon mirror earthy Taurus this month. Mercury, who represents perceptions, communication, trade and trickster energy, joins them. Through the lens of Taurus, this mercury ruled processes slow down, and we get the opportunity to reflect on how any of these add value to our lives.

Mars, also in Taurus allows us to act in accordance with what has value and creates stability and sustainable beauty and worth in our lives.

In conclusion, a quote from John Muir: “The sun shines not on us, but in us. The rivers flow not past but through us. Nature was made not just for us, but for itself and its own happiness, and is the very smile of the Divine.”