By Barbara Bennett, For Kaua‘i Owner and Publisher

Mariya Kai Jones

Mariya Kai Jones

Back home and loving it, is Mariya Kai Jones, new Sales and Marketing Director at For Kaua‘i. Born and raised on Kaua‘i, she recently returned to the island with enthusiastic energy for a successful future in business and her personal life.

Mariya joins the For Kaua‘i team with Editor in Chief Léo Azambuja, Web Master and Art Director Carrie Johnson, Social Media Coordinator Honey Williams and For Kaua‘i Owner and Publisher Barbara Bennett.

Mariya is a member of the Uohara family, with lots of cousins, aunties and uncles. Most notable in the family is her mom, Melinda Uohara, who spent four years working with For Kaua‘i and recently retired from media sales.

Mariya’s knowledge runs deep with having had her own wellness business. She found Herbalife Nutritional Products, which she said “changed her life for the better.”

For Kaua‘i is a member of Kaua‘i Made products, and Mariya encourages sustainability, endorses Kaua‘i Grown and Kaua‘i Made products. She loves people and has fun enjoying our beautiful ‘aina.

Mariya has returned home to “soak in and share aloha” and be closer to her family and friends on the island. She says Kaua‘i is home, and always will be. The people here are what make it special. Being away has helped her truly appreciate the beauty we are surrounded by here on the Garden Isle.

Her future on Kaua‘i and vision as Sales and Marketing Director is to “utilize this new opportunity, working with For Kaua‘i Magazine, renew past relationships and return to meet the community again after being away for so many years.” Her goal is to be part of sharing and supporting community events that bring us all together, connect with local businesses and help them grow.

Mariya Kai Jones can be reached at 808-651-4208 or email










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