We love the exposure we get from advertising with For Kaua‘i, but it is even more important to us that we support this publication. Everything – the stories, the info, the photos, the feel, and the advertising – it truly is ‘For Kaua‘i’.

Mahalo Barbara, Leo, Jade and the entire crew for providing our island with this special paper!”

-—Krissi Miller,
General Manager
Hukilau Lanai

The Community E-blast is definitely the biggest bang for the buck. The response was quick and positive. We had no idea it was so easy to reach so many people so fast.

Mahalo Jade and For Kaua‘i.

-—Peggy Sowl, Sales Manager
Sales Manager, Outfitters Kauai

Laura-&-Dave-Salty-WahineI love For KAUA‘I. We’ve been advertising for 3 years.Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salts is a small business with only 8 employees. When we receive the new issue in the mail monthly, I place it in the same place and tell my employees to read the whole paper. I do this because I want them to be informed on what is going on in the Kaua‘i community.  It is important to me and should be to them too. Salty Wahine is Kaua‘i Made, Kaua‘i Grown and proud of it!

-—Laura Cristobal Andersland

As a satisfied customer for over 2 years with For Kaua‘i community paper, Kauai Adult Day Health Center have found this to be a great marketing tool within the community for families who can benefit from this service. The ads have been great in displaying some of Kaua‘i’s treasured kupunas and the caring and dedicated staff members.

-—Caryn Sakahashi, Program Director
Kaua‘i Adult Day Health Center

For Kaua‘i is an important voice for our island’s nonprofit organizations.

-—Paul Massey
Director of Regenerations Botanical Garden

Locally owned and operated so easy to communicate with.
Reaches out by free publication by internet, mail and Island-wide placements.
Works for us and we are very happy with their services.

—Leslie Rodriguez
Store Manager, Aloha Furniture Gallery