Woody needs a home.

by Carol Ann Davis

Looking for a cute puppy? Meet Woody.

A Kaua`i Humane Society volunteer was hiking on the grueling Kukui Trail in Waimea Canyon. At the bottom of the two-mile hike down, the volunteer found a small, emaciated puppy.

After several tries, she was able to catch the puppy, put him in her backpack and hike out with him.

She was not sure if the puppy would survive the long trek back up, but he did, and the society accepted him into its care.

The volunteer visited the Kaua`i Humane Society regularly to play with the puppy and help it get stronger. The puppy needed more attention and was placed in foster care.

After one week in foster care, Woody, the Kukui Trail pup, is thriving and ready for adoption. He loves to be with people, other dogs and likes cats.

He is almost house broken, loves to play in the water and gives kisses upon request. He is already good on a leash and enjoys walks.

His will to survive is matched for his desire to please his family — and he is already learning to do laundry.

To adopt Woody, call the Kaua`i Humane Society at 632-0610.