WORKING is proving to be a profound theater experience with audience members talking about their connections with the stories being told, stories which underscore our humanity as expressed in our jobs.  See below for comments from folks who have been to see the show.

WORKING, based on Studs Terkel’s best-selling book of interviews with American Workers, adapted by Stephen Schwarz (Wicked, Godspell) and Nina Faso.  The KCP production will be directed by Ross Martineau with musical direction by Arnold Meister.

WORKING paints a vivid portrait of the men and women the world so often takes for granted: the schoolteacher, the phone operator, the waitress, the millworker, the mason, and the housewife, just to name a few. WORKING is a musical exploration of 26 people from all walks of life. Both funny and touching, the strength of the show is in the core truths that transcend specific professions; the key is how people’s relationships to their work ultimately reveal significant aspects of their humanity, regardless of the trappings of the job itself. The show, set in contemporary America, contains timeless truths and allows the audience to get a rare glimpse of the actors and technicians working to put on a show. 

Here are comments from audience members:

Kauai is a place where people make their work their art; their worship through service to others… WORKING pays homage to the sacrifices of the working person and celebrates their often unappreciated accomplishments. Kauai’s production of this challenging musical is a work of collaborative art. Make sure to see it!  Alan Van Zee is a one-man orchestra. Fabulous production that engages the audience immediately and doesn’t let go until the final bows. – Liz Hahn

Last night we went to the opening of “Working”, performed by Kauai Community Players at Puhi Theatrical Warehouse. This is a musical celebrating the blue collar worker, based on the writings of the late Studs Turkel, the workers poet. His interviews with various workers in every-day jobs are translated into a very honest and entertaining musical.

I must say that this was absolutely excellent, excellent, theatre. The performances were stunning and direct. The music was most fitting, and the direction was very accomplished, clean and polished. It is special when we get this kind of meaningful theatre performed by very talented actor/singers. 

The musical is very well suited to the intimate Puhi Theatrical Warehouse in that we the audience are close to all the action and there is not a bad seat in the house. It is very similar to the off-Broadway houses I performed in years ago and the orchestra, managed by Alan Van Zee, is simply one keyboard. In that small theatre it is quite adequate and fulfills the responsibility of providing the wonderful music which accompanies the performers. The overall affect is truly up ‘close and personal’. Each performer acts out different individual workers lives and dreams.

This is a must see!!  – Gregg Nickerson

We absolutely loved the show! Everything about it was outstanding; the production, the acting, the staging, the music and the message. Kauai’s BEST have brilliantly captured the unsung working heroes of America!  The music and acting will touch your heart and soul!  Everyone must see “Working” for the laughter, pathos and inspiration!  We remain two of Ross Martineau’s biggest fans in admiration of the positive impact you and Jeff have had on the theatrical scene here on Kauai. – Martha Perugini

Loved the show!  Well written, moves quickly, great music, and an all-star, Kauai cast. Not a moment of dullness anywhere! Everyone will relate to the characters and their poignant stories. Congrats to Ross, cast and crew. – Peggy Ellenburg

WORKING was such a fun, and emotive, show. Although I have enjoyed listening to music from the show over the years, I had never seen the show live, or heard the wonderful dialog intertwined between the songs. The talented cast had me laughing one minute, then welling up with tears just a few minutes later. The actors were open and natural, pulling me into their character’s hopes, dreams, and life experiences. Go see WORKING, you won’t be disappointed!- Steve Pinzer

It was a great show. Both funny and introspective – Paul Koulbanis

What a great adaptation of a classic book. The updated content is completely grounded in our current experience and the performances get to the very tender heart of the how and why of our work. – Laurel Petterson-McGraw

A funny, poignant, powerful and wholly entertaining play about real people who work for a living. You’ll learn about people’s lives in their own words, adapted from a book of interviews author Studs Terkel published in 1974. The cast is superb. Arnold Meister, marvelous as both a construction worker and a retired senior citizen, shows why he’s the master actor of Kauai. Mahalo for bringing this show to life! – Pamela Brown

Some people had jobs they like, some people didn’t, and some people just didn’t know.”   – Abby, 10 years old.

One of the best shows KCP has ever produced! – Debra Blachowiak