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Editor’s Note: Old Dogs Rule

“Oh God, it’s Pam. Hit “ignore.” I’m sure that was the internal dialogue of many friends during my two-years working for Kaua`i Humane Society. When one works in the world of animal welfare they are instantly transformed into a dealer of dogs, kittens and cats. “Shari, do you know anyone looking for a sweet 6 [...]

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Editor’s note

By Pam Woolway Someone told me once that a good marriage is one in which you have the same fight for 40 years, and a bad marriage is a different fight every day. I have a good marriage. For 16 years my husband and I have fought over pets: their location, diet, population and treatment. [...]

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Kaua’i Humane Society: 80 Percent of Fostered Dogs are Adopted

Photos by Heather Ransley Peering out between cage bars, an animal’s face looks sad, even desperate. Fortunately the launch of a promising program at Kaua’i Humane Society presents shelter dogs in a whole new light; a light that more accurately captures their temperament and personality. Foster parents traipse the island showcasing canine ambassadors from the [...]

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