Beyond Extraordinary                        

By Virginia Beck Contributed photo In a world where fact and fiction have begun to spin out of control, the sheer physical beauty of Kaua‘i is a wake up call, no matter how [...]

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Hawai‘i Wisdom — August 2019

He nōpili ka iʻa, pili paʻa ke aloha. “The nōpili is the fish; love clings fast.” Said of the freshwater goby (‘o‘opu) of the nōpili variety, known to clime waterfalls by clinging fast to the [...]

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Safety First

By Tommy Noyes Simple changes such as building sidewalks make our neighborhoods safer for all. Photo by Tommy Noyes Hawai‘i took a cautious first step toward eliminating traffic related deaths and serious injuries. In June, [...]

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Waiʻaleʻale Project Celebrates 10 years of Transforming Lives at KCC

Waiʻaleʻale Project alumni. Photo courtesy of UH The black and white letters dangling from the ceiling that spelled “Waiʻaleʻale Celebration“ contained a surprise. At the end of a joyful gathering in July to mark [...]

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Wailua Star Siena Up to ‘No Good’

By Léo Azambuja Wailua’s Siena Agudong is seen here at Art Café Hemingway on Kapa‘a’s Eastside. Kaua‘i has a long and cozy relationship with Hollywood celebrities, who love to go on vacations here [...]

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Molecule for Life on Earth May Have Come from Space

UH contributed image The answer to “How did the first organisms on Earth incorporate the critical element phosphorus?” has been a quandary for researchers, but, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa physical chemists believe a meteoric visitor could [...]

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Tilapia Invade Nāpali Coast Shoreline (w/ video)

Thousands of black-chin tilapia have invaded near-shore waters in the Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park on Kaua‘i. Fishermen first reported seeing large schools of mostly juvenile tilapia over the past two weeks, according to a [...]

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