Hammerhead Sharks Hold Breath to Keep Warm on Deep Dives

A scalloped hammerhead shark (Sphryna lewini) eyeballs the photographer outside the Shark Lab at the Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology in Kāneʻohe, Hawaiʻi. Photo courtesy of UH/Mark Royer. Cold-blooded scalloped hammerhead sharks (Sphryna [...]

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Hawai‘i Wisdom — March 2020

Anabella Mulqueen happily slides down the inflatable at the Slide n’ Glide family event earlier this year at Kapa‘a Beach Park. Anabella’s family, parents Rich and Svetlana Mulqueen, and younger sister Scarlett, were having [...]

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Trait-Based Tech to Help Predict Climate Change Impact on Biodiversity

Corals compete for space, creating habitat for fishes. Photo courtesy of UH/Damaris Torres-Pulliza Time is running out to envision how climate change will impact biodiversity and the functioning of the biosphere. To make [...]

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UH Study: Climate Change Could Kill Coral Reefs by 2100

Rising ocean temperatures cause coral to bleach putting them at a higher risk of dying. Photo courtesy of USGS Coral reefs may be eliminated worldwide by the year 2100. That’s according to new [...]

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Pollution, Warming Affect Early Life of Corals

A swimming (bottom) and settling (top) coral larvae. Photo courtesy of UH/Raphael Ritson-Williams. Corals are constantly exposed to many environmental stressors. On a global scale, climate change is increasing seawater temperatures which can [...]

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Kaua‘i Is on Vacation

By Léo Azambuja “Kaua‘i is on vacation,” was the message sent by Mayor Derek Kawakami in the opening minutes of the COVID-19 Kaua‘i Business Community Webinar Friday morning. “Things are changing day by day, oftentimes [...]

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Almond Growers — To Bee or Not to Bee?

Bees visit pollinator-independent almond blossoms. Photo courtesy of UH/Saez and Negri Pollination by bees is vital even when crops are assumed to be pollinator independent. That’s according to a study co-authored by Ethel Villalobos, [...]

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Bandwagon Educational Program

By Tommy Noyes Julie and Jeremy Hartshorn (second and fifth from left) manage the Bandwagon Music Center studio in Kukui Grove Center, a welcoming haven of creativity for budding musicians. Photo by Jeremy Hartshorn [...]

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