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For Kauai Newspaper is Closing Its Doors

Dear loyal and valued customers of For Kauai monthly newspaper.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this announcement. Kauai Management Group LLC dba For Kauai is closing.

This publication, like no other – all local, all community, all Kauai was created and brought to the island in 2006. Original ownership was The Honolulu Advertiser, managed by Barbara Bennett. In 2011, Bennett took over the ownership, and in 2023 celebrated 17 years.

The last edition will be the month of April. For Kauai’s success was due to hard work and the businesses and community at large on Kauai. This company and newspaper were supported and enjoyed success all these years.

Thank you – mahalo for your support all these years.

I have decided to continue only the digital version under the name For Kauai Digital Email News. The online Digital News has been active for the past 12 years.

This way supporting the business community and non-profits will continue. Digital Email News will have the most affordable pricing. The outreach of over 4,500 emails – like no other! More News to come. Watch for my Blasts!

Mahalo and aloha
Barbara Bennett, Owner

For Kauai
Digital Email News

Celebrating 17 years as Community Publishers for Kauai

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