By Samantha Fox Olson

Samantha Fox Olson

Samantha Fox Olson

What if 2016 could really be the year you nail it? What if this is the year you learn how to get the maximum results for the minimum amount of effort?

What if 2016 could be the year you finally stop the madness of exploding out of the gate with loads of enthusiasm and tons of hope for a better you, only to crash right back to the same old habits that have put you into your current state (or Heaven forbid even worse) of health and energy?

What if you could succeed wildly this year? And what if you could meet those health and fitness goals without depriving yourself, radically changing your entire lifestyle, or stuffing in tons of new habits you know you will never be able to stick with all year long?

I want you to think of your health, wellness and/or fitness journey in 2016 as a marathon, not as a sprint! See the vision of yourself living the lifestyle! If you are truly dedicated to seeing what levels of health, energy and/or fitness you can attain in 2016, then you must know you are in it to win it. You must adhere to a plan with a pace you can stick to, day in and day out. But not just any plan, a plan that gets you where you want to go!

Samantha Fox Olson

Samantha Fox Olson

If your wellness and fitness goals don’t include refining what you fuel your body with, then you will get stuck because exercising and continuing to eat processed junk is like detailing your car and continuing to drive in the mud.

So what are some simple steps in nutrition you can be taking in 2016 to yield incredible results in your health and wellness?

  1. Choose organic over conventional and/or GMO whenever possible. Less toxins inside mean more energy for your body to function.
  2. Eat more fresh fruits and veggies over packaged foods with a shelf life. Phytonutrients and antioxidants will keep your body in an anabolic state as well as protect your cells from deterioration.
  3. Eat grass-fed beef over factory-farmed/grain-fed beef. Meat and dairy products from grass-fed animals have the richest known source of CLA, a nutrient that helps the body release belly fat.
  4. Eat fresh, free-range eggs over caged eggs. Have you ever cracked a fresh-farm egg into a bowl with a store bought, conventional egg? The yolk says it all.
  5. Chew your food. 30-plus chews before you swallow. Digestion starts in your mouth with your saliva. The least amount of energy your body needs to digest your food the more energized you will be to get moving.
  6. Always pair animal protein with leafy green veggies to counteract the acidity and bring balance to your body.
  7. Keep animal protein servings to 6 ounces per day to prevent uric acid build up in the body.
  8. Enjoy the food you are eating! Pleasure releases feel good hormones that keep us healthy and happy. Sit, appreciate and savor the flavor.
  9. Upon awaking, start your day with a tall mug of warm lemon water. This is a great way to balance the pH of your body, can help you lose weight and aids in digestion. My husband also swears by this one simple morning ritual to stop heart burn and has shared this tip with multiple friends whom no longer need heart burn medication. Yay!
  10. Drink one green drink a day. Chlorophyll is the most powerful molecule in the food chain. This step alone will reap incredible benefits over the long run. Remember, this is not a sprint, this is a marathon. I have no doubt you can implement this simple step daily, and if you do, it will give back to your body hundredfold.

When you start bringing in high-dense, easily assimilated nutrition like this, your cells will easily get what they need and will no longer crave the junk that leaves you feeling heavy and exhausted. You then begin to naturally and effortlessly make choices that serve your body in being a fit machine built to last a lifetime looking strong and feeling healthy.

  • Samantha Fox Olson lives on the North Shore of Kaua‘i and coaches her clients on how to get the maximum results from minimal efforts. Contact her at for a gift certificate toward a personalized wellness program.