By Samantha Fox Olson

Samantha Fox Olson

Samantha Fox Olson

Have you ever been so fully present with your breath and your body, completely free of judgment or agenda, and experienced the orgasmic deliciousness of having a body?

It’s pretty amazing how extraordinary simple things like the rhythm of the breath or the caress of a light touch on the skin can truly be when we allow our bodies to be the miraculous vessels of love they truly are. When we let go of judgment and self-ridicule, OMG even breathing feels amazing!

Now, it’s not like on a permanent “I am experiencing my body as a walking, talking, breathing orgasm.” But, those moments of joy and truth are more available to me than ever before. And they are available to you too!

You see, I use to beat myself up. You may understand what I mean. Disrespectful self-talk, lack of consistent encouragement, I’d look in the mirror and only see faults, sized myself up to all the other ladies in the room, and somehow just never measured up.

There does come a time where enough is enough. And thank God I had that realization with my bulimia, drinking and drugging habits and other silly ways of just being mean to my body.

Because what if the truth of the matter is, we really do have a choice. Being mean to our bodies is a choice just as loving ourselves extravagantly is a choice. And if it boils down to a choice, what do you choose?

Caution: you may experience similar side effects when you choose to love your body too:

  1. You stop looking for your faults when you look into the mirror. Instead, you gaze into your eyes and smile with admiration and appreciation. And then you may even swing that backside around and wiggle it playfully a bit too, only to find yourself enjoying the gift of your human form.
  2. You stop checking out of your body. You bring your spirit into your body and you pay attention to your body. This presence is attractive and magnetizing.
  3. You stop blaming your body for the difficulties or challenges you are facing. And instead you know your body is the greatest, most loyal friend you will ever have. When it hurts, you listen and are guided towards freedom. When it is heavy, you ask questions and feel into the clues that bring you towards lightness.
  4. You feel more orgasmic. Even breathing can feel absolutely ecstatic. Oh, the deliciousness of having a body!
  5. The voice of ego takes the background and the voice of your spirit takes the foreground. Your days are full of expanding encouragement, which invites your body to explore new possibilities.
  6. You trust your body. You realize your body never, not even once, abandoned you. Indeed, it has only been reflecting back to you areas where you can bring yourself home to even greater freedom and love.
  7. You become are a nicer more joyful person.  Someone you want to hang out with. You see, when the inner dialogue is defeating and degrading to our bodies, well, we feel like crap. And that crappy feeling leads to a grumpier human being.
  8. You realize that self-care and self-love is not something that you do once a day. You know, when you roll out your yoga mat or eat a salad. Instead, you realize that self-care is a privilege that happens 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Samantha Fox Olson

Samantha Fox Olson

  • You stop wishing for a new body. You stop wishing you had someone else’s body. And instead, you find yourself in awe and amazement at how truly unique and magnificent your body is right now! And even in training your body to be as beautiful or agile as it desires to show up, you give it the time and the consistent attention lovingly so it may be so.
  • You change the planet. Yep! You literally become the light that brings playfulness, joy, appreciation, gratitude and love to our entire universe! You and your body are that magnificent! Thank you for loving you and your miraculous body.
    • Samantha Fox Olson is a fitness and yoga trainer on Kauai. Growing up she battled with bulimia. Today, her relationship with her body has transformed, and she is passionate about inspiring other women. Visit