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Siena 3

Siena Agudong

Cute isn’t quite the word to describe her, though you probably can’t stand how adorable she is. In fact, she was recently featured by the Huffington Post as one the 16 Adorable Child Stars of TV’s 2013-2014 Season.

Talented, precocious, intelligent; it all fits her so much better.

“My name is Siena Agudong, and I’m 9 years old,” says the outspoken young Wailua resident, casually adding she plays sports and goes to auditions in Los Angeles, Calif.

And in one of those auditions, she said, she was picked up for a role in Killer Women, a new TV series currently being aired on ABC. The producers wanted her so bad that they called her back the day after she auditioned, which is unusual.

“The casting director said they liked me and they wanted me to be in that part; and I booked it,” Siena said.

Her character, Lulu Parker, is a precocious 9-year-old girl whose parents are ranchers. Lulu’s auntie, Molly Parker (played by Tricia Helfer), is a Texas Ranger who goes after the killer women.

Karen Agudong, Siena’s mother, said an LA-based talent agent met Siena at a workshop on Kaua`i. The agent signed her up as a client and got someone to represent her.

After several tryouts in LA, things finally clicked for Siena. During the time when she was picked up for Killer Women, which was shot in Texas, other producers also wanted Siena for a TV series shot in LA. She went with Killer Women, because she couldn’t do both, Karen said.

But that’s OK. Killer Women, originally a pilot, became a series, which meant more work for Siena.

“We came back after she filmed (Killer Women), and then the show was picked up by the network to become a series,” Karen said. “They called her up and said they wanted her back for the series … So she has a recurring role.”

Tricia and Siena Contributed photo

Tricia Helfer, right, and Siena Agudong in the set of Killer Women.

Siena said she is in six of the eight episodes, which were filmed in New Mexico. The pilot aired Jan. 7, and the rest of the series is being aired weekly on Tuesdays.

“We’ve already shot a season, but we may have another season if people like the show,” Siena said.

This is the first time the young Kauaian hit mainstream media, but she’s no stranger to acting. Siena started acting about two years ago at a Hawai`i Children’s Theatre production, Willy Wonka, and has also been in pageants.

“She’s very familiar with the stage, being in front of an audience, and she sings and dances,” Karen said.

Siena’s older sister, Sydney, has been acting since she was 7 years old.

“She’s the one that inspired me,” she said of her teenage sister.

Karen said she and her husband, Kenny, are very supportive of their children’s dreams.

Besides acting, Siena takes singing and dance classes, and she loves hip hop and break dance. She also does gymnastics, plays the violin, drums and piano, and likes to play tennis. Oh, she’s into martial arts too – kajukenbo.

And in case you’re wondering, she does attend school.

One of the hardest parts for the young star was saying goodbye to other cast members when the taping of the show wrapped up.

“They’re such like a real family,” Siena said of the cast.

Siena 2

Siena Agudong

Perhaps Siena’s charisma has to do with how she carries herself. Karen said her daughter brings energy when she walks into a room; she’s got a glow around her.

“Since she was little, it was very important for her to see people smile,” Karen said. “She reads body language very well, she loves to entertain people and see them happy.”

For those who want to become actors, Siena has some words of wisdom.

“When you go into auditions, always be prepared,” she said. “Expect the unexpected.”

And mainly, you just have to believe in what your character is, become the character, the person you are auditioning for, Siena said.

Though Siena is undoubtedly talented, Karen said a lot of hard work got her daughter to where she is at. And the young actress knows it – really well.

Siena said as long as she works hard at it, she’ll eventually achieve her goals.

And this one is for anyone who ever dreamed of anything:

“Never give up, and keep on chasing your dream no matter what, and you don’t let anyone stop you,” Siena said. “You just keep on going and going and going until you get your goal.”

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