By Virginia Beck

Freckles driving without a license — and happy as a Jack Russell. Photo by Léo Azambuja

Our planet is spinning faster than ever, whirling around the Sun at 30 kilometers per second toward an unforeseen future. And our entire solar system is hurtling through space at 720,000 kilometers per hour. Every day is unique. How can we imagine something we have yet to create?

Creativity is what our planet is very good at encouraging. Give it lots of positive possibilities and it will run with them. Just like children. Give it to them our destruction, our bad habits, and waste of resources, and it will create a cascade of unintended outcomes. Probably not the ones we were hoping for.

Climate change is wake up call for the planet. Wildlife and populations migrating to seek water, food and safety. We have feral pigs that roam subdivisions and resorts. Which is why we encourage hunting. I know a man who is paid to hunt the pigs, so they don’t invade subdivisions and farms. Don’t get me started on chickens or the green parakeets!

Completely unexpected things seem to happen every day. And the rate of change seems to accelerate. We all need to take a breath or two, and slooooow down. Personally, going out into nature, the forests, the sun, the ocean, the beach, or planting and growing things are the best healing practices I have ever found.

I stop operating in human “time” and live in flower time, and tree time, and following the Sun’s passage across the day. It tells me much about where the shadows will lie, and where the sun will rise, and which plants will flourish, where. I love slowing down.

We are still here, together. We won the Divine Lottery and now, what will we do with it?

Kaua‘i is indeed a Blessed Island. We are blessed to be far from battlefields. We are blessed with rainfall. We are blessed with not freezing. This year we just had a major storm of shocking abundance. We are blessed with water and vegetation. That is beautiful and rare.

In nature, we learn that there are no straight lines or fences. My neighbor’s cat flows through three fences when she crosses my yard. She doesn’t even recognize boundaries across her territory.

Looking at a world of leaves and green, we see an infinite variety. We don’t even have names for some of the colors that we see. It is indescribably beautiful. And yet our artists and songwriters, musicians, poets or writers are inspired to bring the essence, the soul of Kaua‘i to you. That is the true expression of Kaua‘i. It calls out to your soul.

When we look and listen to another with full attention, we can see we are more alike than we are different. All those thousands of different leaves, those different colors of green. They don’t discriminate against each other. Why should we?

Let’s make this year about discovering the hidden beauties, talents, and gifts of other who are different from us. Love all the leaves. Why should we not love people of every color, shape and size? Aloha is far larger than the pettiness of judgment and opinions.

The Universe does not care or see our divisions. In the heart all beings are one.

Aloha always triumphs over every difficulty.

  • Virginia Beck, NP and Certified Trager® Practitioner, offers Wellness Consultation, Trager Psychophysical Integration and teaches Malama Birth Training classes. She can be reached at 635-5618.



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