By Virginia Beck

A Hawaiian monk seal caught hugging itself. Photo by Claire Lower

February is the month for love, and in Hawai‘i that’s aloha. Love in action. Showing up in caring and compassion. Aloha spreads joy. It’s in every act of kindness we share with each other. It could be a little more patience with others,or letting people feel their emotions without judgement.

It takes a listening heart to recognize others’ needs for help. Lend a helping hand in a gentle way. There is no normal anymore. No one can understand the world right now. We are all struggling in different ways. We don’t know each other’s battles.

Some people are dealing with many problems that you don’t even know about, perhaps even worse than yours. But there’s no comparison in measuring suffering; there is simply accepting it and allowing each of us to express our needs.

Recently, my husband and I have been on the receiving end of compassionate medical care. First at Wilcox hospital, and the great team of doctors and services there. Some people are surprised to know we have such a great hospital constantly striving to improve and add surfaces.

Secondly, HHSC’s KVMH hospitals and the clinics in Waimea and our friends at the Kalaheo Specialty Clinic. Also, it may surprise people to know that the clinic in Po‘ipū at Kukui‘ula center. Is also a specialty clinic for urgent care. It is not emergency room care.

I experienced amazing care, with an end of the day add-on appointment with the Kukui‘ula Clinic. They were so kind to let me come. All of them, physicians, nurses and receptionists. To check my sore wrist as I’d had a tumble, I needed an X-ray, which could be done right there.

It was found not to be broken, just sprained, but a radiologist would review the result and give a report after the weekend. I received a splint to immobilize my wrist, which helped for the next two weeks.

Urgent Care to my amazing PCP, and the staff: front desk, nurses medical assistants, receptionists at the clinic in West Kaua‘i ‘Ele‘ele. Clearly, their dedication was to great care,

My husband recently had an urgent problem requiring specialists. It resulted in being transferred for robotic surgery at another Hawai‘i Pacific Health hospital, Straub Medical Center on O‘ahu. From the time my husband got the urgent consultation and second video consult with the surgeon two days later, he ordered more specific radiology scans. After the results, he called and ordered preops physicals and bloodwork.

Virginia Beck

The surgery was performed with the Da Vinci Robotic System, which is precise. My husband was released the same day to our hotel, the Waikiki Prince, where the staff always offer us exceptional care.

We had a surprise visit to Straub’s Emergency Room, where we received impeccable care. Everything was meticulously explained about protecting privacy and medical records. My husband was shocked. He has always been very healthy and active. We never expected this. The staff showed patience in listening while jumping into action. We were impressed, especially my husband.

On Kaua‘i or O‘ahu, whether you are a visitor or resident, be grateful for the place where the spirit of aloha meets high-quality care.

Aloha is about compassion, caring for each other.

Aloha makes us great.

  • Virginia Beck, NP and Certified Trager® Practitioner, offers Wellness Consultation, Trager Psychophysical Integration and teaches Malama Birth Training classes. She can be reached at 635-5618.




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