By Samantha Fox Olson

2015-08-23 09.11.41-1Do you ever wonder if you are in the right fitness or wellness program for you? I mean really, there are countless of disciplines, classes, coaches, programs and protocols to follow out there. So much that it can actually make your head spin.

But it can be broken down very simply. Because are all unique individuals, with different goals and different bodies it can be very helpful to get clear on what it is we really want to feel like as well as look like.

Do you have a vision of your ideal body? Many of us do. But do you have a vision of your ideal inner-dialogue, energetic state of being as well as how you want to feel on the daily? That is the part of the equation that, I believe, tends to get forgotten about.

Coaches have the potential to bring out the very best in their clients. Not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and energetically as well. If you are not receiving benefits in all of these areas, you may be getting the short end of the stick.

This is because you are either not willing to, or open to, receiving a full and ever-expanding transformation yet. Or because the program that you are in is lacking that inspiration to fully light you up.

I think it is awesome how our fitness path can profoundly influence our entire lives. We have the ability to cultivate spiritual muscles of discipline, an inner voice of encouragement and the energy of celebration. We have the opportunity to bring out the best in ourselves time and time again. And there are so many coaches who desire nothing more than to support you in extracting that very awesome sauce inside.

So how do you know if your fitness or wellness program is right for you?

Things I would ask you to consider, if you are sitting in this question, are this:

  • Is this program making you feel more inspired and motivated, more joyful and enthusiastic in your day to day life?
  • Off of your yoga mat, outside of the gym or wellness program, are you experiencing not only your body transform, but your emotional and energetic bodies up-leveling too?
  • Is this program positively influencing the way you speak to yourself?

And if the answer is “Yes!” then indeed my friend, I would say you have found the right program for you.

Because here’s the truth. You can be walking around in your perfect ideal of a dream body, and if you are feeling worn down, burnt out, stagnant, or if you are beating yourself up, then the energy that is fueling your fire lacks the luster required to transform you into the best version of you possible.

Samantha Fox Olson

Samantha Fox Olson

If your fitness path is helping you transforming for the better on energetic and emotional levels, your every cell will be vital and healthy. This means your body will be supported by trillions of troopers assisting you in making your dream body a reality too.

If you are NOT answering YES to the above questions then I encourage you to switch things up.

Try a new form of movement, seek out a new coach or trainer, or try a new program. I promise you they are not all the same. And you are way too infinite of a being to get fixated on your backside alone.

Before signing off, just a word of caution. Please don’t buy the lie that your joy and enthusiasm will be supplied by a program that keeps you stagnant. I dare you to go out and allow yourself to be challenged. Find out what you are made of. Express the fullness of your being. And find that program or that coach that strengthens all areas of your life.

  • Samantha Fox Olson leads body, mind and energy transformations locally and globally, helping her clientele to achieve amazing results. Contact Samantha at or visit for a gift certificate.

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