‘Monster’ Tilapia Caught on Big Island Highlights Threat for Fish to Become Pests (w/ video)

A Nile tilapia caught on the Big Island. Photo courtesy of DLNR Aquatic Biologist Troy Sakihara is dealing with tilapia a lot these [...]

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Study Finds Native Hawaiians Have Fewer Years of Healthy Life

Photo courtesy of UH According to public health researchers at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Native Hawaiians in Hawaiʻi have a shorter life expectancy compared with other racial/ethnic populations [...]

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UH Assists Navy in Developing Drone Deliveries to Subs at Sea

The University of Hawaiʻi played a key role in an important milestone for the U.S. Navy. For the first time ever, an unmanned aerial vehicle delivered supplies to an underway [...]

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DLNR: Coral Bleaching Not as Severe as Predicted but Widespread (w/ video)

A bleached coral head. Photo courtesy of DLNR The widespread coral bleaching event predicted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration did impact [...]

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Researchers Document Whale Bubble-Net Feeding in Groundbreaking Footage (w/ video)

Permit Number: NOAA #19703 Itʻs one of the most unique things you will see in the wild. A humpback whale swimming in a [...]

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