UH Researcher: Tuberculosis Could Be Eradicated in 26 years

Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria, which cause tuberculosis, taken through a scanning electron microscope and digitally colorized. Photo courtesy of The National Institute of Allergy and [...]

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Glowing Bacteria in Hawaiian Bobtail Squid Cause Changes Throughout Host (w/ video)

Hawaiian bobtail squid. Photo courtesy of Margaret McFall-Ngai/Edward Ruby/Squid Vibrio Labs/UH Luminescent bacteria that live harmoniously inside the Hawaiian bobtail squid’s light organ [...]

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Seabird Conference Brings 300 Scientists, Researchers, Resource Managers from 14 Nations to Kaua‘i (w/ video)

A Laysan albatross flying in Kilauea, Kaua‘i's North Shore. Photo by Dick Daniels A pu, pule, hula and chants celebrating native Hawaiian seabirds [...]

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Native Hawaiian, African American Smokers at High Risk of Lung Cancer

University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center studies show Native Hawaiian and African American smokers have a higher risk of acquiring lung cancer than smokers of other ethnic/racial groups, according [...]

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