cigaretteSmoking is now banned in all Hawai‘i State Parks, as a new law — Act 123, SLH 2015 — went into effect July 1, according to the state Department of Land and Natural Resources.

The ban includes smoking cigarettes, as well as electronic cigarettes and all tobacco products in all state parks in Hawai‘i. It applies to all areas of the parks, including beaches, picnic and camping areas, trails and roadways.

“Protecting these areas from danger of wildfire that could affect native and endangered species, reducing trash and pollution, and ensuring the health of all members of the public while enjoying the outdoors is a significant benefit we anticipate,” DLNR Chairperson Suzanne Case said.



Hawai‘i’s State Park system has 50 state parks encompassing approximately 30,000 acres on five major islands. These parks offer varied outdoor recreation and heritage opportunities. The park environments range from landscaped grounds with developed facilities to wildland areas with trails and primitive facilities. Visit ror a list of all Hawai‘i State Parks.

Violators may be cited. Penalties for violation of the new law are $100 for a first offense, $200 for a second offense and $500 for subsequent offenses. The law is enforceable by both DLNR DOCARE officers and county police officers.

“Hawai‘i’s State Parks are important for public enjoyment of natural and wilderness areas, recreational activities, cultural and historic sites. We ask the public’s compliance with this new law,” State Parks administrator Dan Quinn said.

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