By Ava Wilkinson

Info 2Are you considering buying a home on Kaua‘i? With so many options, there are three basic things you should know:

  • Goals: What are your goals? Will this be a primary home, a secondary home, a future retirement home or an investment?
  • Expecations: Wha are your expectations? What size of home would you best utilize? How many bedrooms and bathrooms would you like?
  • Cost: What amount do you expect to pay? How did you decide on this price point? Is it realistic for your wish list?

Kaua‘i Condominiums vs. Kaua‘i Homes

Which is right for you, a condominium or a home? Weighing each option is best for you will guide your search and let you enjoy your Kauaian home sooner.

Kaua‘i Condominiums

Info 3A condo provides an easier maintenance schedule! You can literally turn the key and take off! Another perk is the shared maintenance costs with other complex owners.

A great benefit to owning a condo (in the proper zoning) is the ability to utilize it as a vacation rental and advertise the amenities. For example, you may have a secluded beach and a pool readily available to your complex.

The location of vacation condos are usually prime; investors can invest in best locations.

There are rental limitations depending on your condo. Some condos allow for short-term rentals, a night or more. Others can only be rented long-term, which would be six months or more.

Since costs vary, it’s important to have goals with realistic expectations of what you may purchase and potentially earn from the rental income.

Kaua‘i Homes

If you are considering a single family home, a big perk may be more privacy.

Traditionally, there is also more of a community feel due to the lack of transient renters.

Ava Wilkinson

Ava Wilkinson

It’s nice to know in many cases, a single family home can be more affordable per square foot. Yes, you do need to maintain your homes exterior and lawn care. However, you may not need to deal with an association for any improvements you would like to do with your home.

The potential perks to a home are a yard, typically an outdoor living area and no shared walls.

There are specific locations where you may rent out your home as a vacation rental. Some locations only allow for long-term tenants.

The most inexpensive homes are on the Westside. The highest valued ones are on the North Shore. Truly, it’s up to buyers to decide where is the right location given their preferences.

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