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The County Thrift Store Reuse Program is having an open house on Tuesday, Jan. 7, from 8 a.m. to noon, according to news release from the County of Kaua‘i.

Thrift store organizations and the public are invited to walk through the Kaua‘i Resource Center and see the staging area for reusable items and learn more about why it’s important to make sure reusable items are kept out of our landfill and distributed to people that need them.

The County’s program is targeted at thrift stores that will be able to move reusable items that aren’t selling off of their showroom floors and make room for new donations. These unsaleable items can be dropped at the County’s Reuse area at the KRC, and will then be sent to the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center on O‘ahu. ARC will receive, sort, and refurbish material for sale at multiple stores all over O‘ahu, and whatever does not sell locally will be shipped abroad to countries the use the items directly, repurpose them, or recycle material in to new products.

The program is open to individuals, businesses, and other organizations on a case by case basis. Items collected in the County’s program will not be resold at the KRC; they are designated to be shipped to ARC.  The County asks that all interested parties first reach out to your local thrift store to see if they have the capacity to take donations before bringing them to the KRC.

The Kaua‘i Resource Center is located at 3460 fronting the Līhu‘e refuse transfer station and Reynolds Recycling.

For more information call Keola at 241-4195 or email


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