By Irena Lerman

Irena Lerman

How are you riding the waves of unpredictable changes?

In wellness, we address both the physical and the emotional. Physical dis-ease indicates emotional dis-harmony. By healing our emotions we can significantly help to achieve overall health. In the process of detoxification, we bring disharmony to the surface, track potential blockages and ultimately eliminate the toxins. It is the balanced emotions that promote good health, slow down the aging process, and help us to maintain our optimal energy level.

To understand our psyche we need to listen to it first. The capability of deep listening is inside us already, but are we used to tuning into this quality in our action driven society?

I propose to experiment this month with the skill of deep listening. This can bring some of the stuck emotions to the surface. Only then we can transmute those emotions and be ready for creating the best version of ourselves and our community in the near future.

I do not ask to change our habits, to embark on some special detox protocol, or to abandon a perhaps unsatisfactory relationship. I only suggest to tap into the energy of allowing, because this is exactly where the deep listening happens.

Simply by allowing yourself to feel whatever you feel in that very moment, you create a relationship with yourself, you deepen self-understanding and naturally eliminate what does not serve you anymore.

Anybody can do such an emotional cleanse, and therefore improve their health. Let’s try this month to feel while you are working, talking or resting. Just be there for yourself, without any judgment or expectation. It is important to just allow them to come to the surface. When we feel overwhelmed, it is better to process them in a safe environment, of course. To experience a peaceful mind, we need to cultivate a relationship with ourselves. This means to allow expressing what needs to come forward. By being a mere witness, we can initiate the healing.

Deep listening cleanses our emotional body and helps us to discharge what is unnecessary. When we feel like we want to cry, scream or escape, just take a step back and observe. Allow whatever is hidden or stuck to come to the surface and only listen to it. In that precise moment, when we do not look for any conclusion or solution, we do not judge if the emotion is bad or good, the emotion may actually change.

Scientists compare this phenomena to the concept of zero (spot of neither movement or shape). Others see this as a principle of feminine (the quality of receiving) or tuning into the energy of non-resistance. In the process of deep listening, we are rather inactive as we allow the coming forward of what wants to come forward.

We need to keep in our lives what is nourishing. For example; an evening walk with a dog, a gorgeous sunrise, super nutritious food or a fun time with our family. Some people feel nourished by receiving a gift, others crave a sweet cuddle from their loved ones. But how do we process frustration or loneliness?

I propose that in such a situation we bring forward the skill of the allowing, the skill of deep-listening.

By simply being aware of an emotion, the emotion will partially or even fully dissolve. Let’s say that in our scenario, the problem is some kind of unpleasant emotion that keeps coming back.

For example; when you continually interrupt me I feel frustrated that my opinion is not valued. When I stop judging what is right or not, tune into the relationship with myself, allow the frustration to come to the surface and just listen, the original emotion will change. Next time, I may experience the same scenario with another person and I practice the allowing again. Do I feel the same this time? Where in my body do I feel that emotion, and does it remind me of something from my childhood? Through others we experience healing.

When we stay with an emotion, we tap into the concept of zero. Here our findings are not limited by our personality or beliefs and we initiate healing. Ultimately, we all have the same goal, which is the best future version of ourselves and our community. I do not ask for some extreme inaction, because to keep common sense is always the best. I propose that in these challenging times we listen to ourselves first.

This is an opportunity to get to know ourselves and to eliminate what doesn’t serve us anymore. We can learn that even if we do not solve something right away, we are still fine. We can deepen our understanding that “I have my flows and you have yours and that by feeling an emotion only we invite healing to our lives”. An emotion is often not imposed on us, but rather originates within us.

When we cultivate the relationship with ourselves, we heal. This brings a positive shift in our health and what we create in our lives.

Emotional detox through deep listening means integrity and a positive reset in our individual lives and in our community. Let’s move forward by renewing relationships with ourselves and others.

  • Irena Lerman, wellness and detox guide. Systematic detoxification, as a great reset for your body, helps to slow aging process, boost immunity and renew energy.




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