By Pam Brown

Francesca, a former self-appointed Diva, now a Divine Chihuahua.

Francesca, a former self-appointed Diva, now a Divine Chihuahua.

When communicating with animals — and people, for that matter — if we are open to whatever they want to share with us, what we learn can be more amazing than we could ever imagine.

The first two times I chatted with Francesca, a pretty white Chihuahua, she let me know in no uncertain terms that she bore her self-appointed title of “Diva” with pride and that she was entitled to be placed on a pedestal above all other animals and most people.

Her attitude on every topic was very much like a spoiled teenage girl, complete with exasperated sighs and eye-rolling.

Thought she was sweet and loving to her owners, Francesca barely tolerated it when friends of her people temporarily moved in and brought their pets with them. The purpose of my most recent chat with her was to negotiate nicer behavior to the other animals in the household.

Francesca viewed Kimmi, a 13-year-old dog whose people had been talking about putting her down soon, as “useless lump of coal.”

Kimmi, who knows her life in this body is coming to an end and is comfortable with the cycle of life, showed me that her soul had already begun ascending. She had already been taking on a higher state of consciousness.

Francesca began to take notice of Kimmi’s changed, more mature energy. It was like watching a teenage girl who views her grandmother as old and decrepit, come to a realization that her grandmother is gifted with years of wisdom and grace.

The moment Francesca opened to this understanding, a golden arch of light originating from Kimmi connected them both. They showed me themselves sitting across the room from each other, absorbing each other’s energy via this golden arch of light. No words were exchanged.

After the light exchange, Francesca was transformed into a totally different dog. Her entire energy, demeanor, language and vibration had changed permanently to one of radiating divine light and love to others. She showed me herself no longer on her pedestal, but now sitting within a golden orange orb of healing light.

Cute puppy kissing kitten for Animal Chat clear backgroundShe also announced she would become her owner’s healing dog, contributing her energy to help him to heal his patients. (He is a doctor.)

Francesca’s only request was that her owners no longer speak of her former diva self. Instead, she asks them to continue to see her as the divine, loving dog she has become.

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