By Samantha Fox Olson

hYNygq7ytGEMhAZLWX6WriY2EVTU6zwmdCgNEOnnTzw,zFTW8wjjNu5Gc8KvXDL0uuvS-_OX3sugJ6JX230YwAgLife force is an energy that runs through all things. Here in Hawai‘i, we call this “mana.” In the yoga world, the term is “prana.” This supernatural gift of vibrancy and power keeps us youthful, optimistic and attractive in many ways.

There are many ways to activate greater vitality and energy. Let me share a secret from my daily routine. It works for me and for my clients, so I know it will work for you.

You’ll be able to transform sluggishness and dullness into creative flow, to transform pain caused by sitting for long periods into more ease and comfort.

This tip is so simple that some people disregard it completely, which is sad because they miss out on increased circulation, a leaner physique, more energy and a more optimistic being

Our bodies were designed to move and to be free. When we let them move throughout the day, we increase our vitality, and mana flows through us effortlessly.

Our heart, our body and our emotional body are connected. So, I inspire you to get your heart rate fluctuating throughout the day.

I am not talking about getting in your daily workout, although you should be doing this. If the only time you move your body is when you workout, and the rest of the time you are sitting, you are not practicing this tip.

Samanta Fox Olson HEADSHOT

Samanta Fox Olson

Here are a few ways to get your body moving when you may be at a flat line:

  • Get off you okole when you’re sitting at the computer for long periods and do some jumping jacks. Or get up often and for a drink of water.
  • Do lunges down your hallway instead of walking.
  • Dance, baby dance! Get up from your seat and dance.
  • Play with children! Sprint around chasing your child. Go outside and play!
  • Do small sessions on a trampoline to break up computer time.
  • Do random handstands at the wall.
  • After riding in your car for a bit, park at the back of the parking lot and walk.
  • Take the stairs.
  • Jog to your mailbox. Sprint back.
  • Do some squats while waiting for your coffee to brew.

These aren’t things that take a lot of time, but when implemented into your daily routine, you will be gifting you body with goodness!

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