Learning konane, Hawaiian checkers

Learning konane, the Hawaiian version of checkers, is a fun game. But once, losing could have meant death! Photo by Anne E. O’Malley


Residents and visitors find their time is well spent when they visit Aggie and Sal Marti-Kini and take a two-hour, authentic Hawaiian health experience tour at Hale Ola — it means House of Health — in Anahola.

After a greeter blows the conch shell, or pu, guests receive a kukui lei welcome. The kukui nut is a symbol of light and learning.

In a peaceful setting with a serene distant ocean view, you’ll move through carefully planned, themed modules that offer hands-on learning.

Start with learning ho`oponopono, or making things right by the simple process of releasing negative energy and allowing new space for divine healing power  to enter. Keaolani takes you through the steps according to Hawaiian ritual.

There’s a module on healing with native Hawaiian plants, a time-honored practice called la`au lapa`au, presented by Kaeeonalani, a skilled practitioner. Anahola is traditionally a special gathering place of healing, according to Aggie, and many people came by foot, horse or canoe seeking help.

You’ll have a chance to partner up for a lomilomi that includes a foot bath, salt scrub, massage and a chance to roll your feet over your own personal set of “lomilomi balls.”

Next, it’s head to head battle — with konane, the Hawaiian equivalent of checkers. In ancient times, stakes could be life or death, but there’s nothing threatening here, it’s all just learning!

Tours are two hours long and are given on Thursdays and Saturdays at 2 p.m. Call 808-346- 0473 for reservations and information. There is a 25 percent kama`aina discount.

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