Guinness atop his rock

Guinness atop his rock. Photo by Anne E. O’Malley

A 35-lb. ball of adorable fluff named Guinness — he’s part Lhasa Apso — now has his own rock at Puakea Golf Course across from the Kanani Street entrance to the Ulu Mahi Subdivision in Lihu`e. Named “Guinness Rock,” it’s a favorite stopping place for Guinness himself, a 12-year old dog and former trusty companion of the late Paul Douglass, who passed away on March 27 of this year.

The rock has a new plaque, reading:

Guinness Rock

in Memory of Paul T. Douglass

His trusty companion

Matson Navigation Company 2012

Douglass’ wife, Shirley, and his son, Scott, attended the informal “unveiling” of the plaque and Guinness promptly took up his throne.

The idea that got the ball rolling came from Judy Lenthall, who considered Douglass a mentor and friend. Upon reading an article at in remembrance of him,

[click here], she was inspired, writing in an email to, “LOVED the quote about Scott [Douglass] and his Dad sitting on ‘Guiness Rock’ at Puakea. Wonder if Grove Farm would let us mount a ‘Guiness Rock’ plaque in memory of Paul on their big rock? Wouldn’t hurt to ask…”

Grove Farm liked the idea. Following through, Lenthall reports a humorous moment. She writes, “Scott told me that he and Shirley were very touched by this gesture, but that his other brothers/sisters said, ‘Oh great. Dad was the one who served on a million Boards on Kaua`i, but the first one in the family to receive a nice plaque in their honor is GUINNESS!”

The cast bronze plaque, funded by Matson Navigation Company, was made by Diversified Engraving in Kalaheo.

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