Team Booty at the Kaua‘i Escape Room, left to right, Bianca Soares, Léo Azambuja, Halli Holmgren, Rebekah Magers, Todd Yamashita, Ruby Pap and Alex Wong.


An expression used by one who cannot guess the answer to a riddle, meaning, “I give up!” If the riddler doesn’t want to tell the answer, he may reply tartly: ‘Eu no ka ilo, make! (Maggots move, death!) Source: ‘Ōlelo Noʻeau, but Mary Kawena Pukui

Luckily for Team Booty, they were able to solve all the riddles at the Curse of the Tiki Lounge at the Kaua‘i Escape Room last July. Team Booty got out the room in 40 minutes and 29 seconds, almost 20 minutes before the maximum allowed time and just four minutes short of the record.