At the bottom of the trail to Hanakāpīʻai, you’ll find Kēʻē Beach, one of the most important sites in Hawai‘i, where Hi‘iaka started the tradition of hula dance. This picture was taken in May, a few days after the trail to Hanakāpīʻai was reopened, after being closed for several weeks because of COVID-19 restrictions. The once busiest hiking trail on Kauaʻi was nearly empty, with very few people hiking on it. Photo by Léo Azambuja

Kilioe wahine i uka.

“Kilioe, woman of the upland.”

Kilioe was a wahine mo‘o (lizard woman) famed in chants and songs of the ali‘i. She belonged to Kaua‘i and it was she who tried to prevent Hi‘iaka from taking the body of Lohi‘au from a cave at Ha‘ena. Source: ʻŌlelo Noʻeau, by Mary Kawena Pukui.

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