Rajashree Choudhury

Rajashree Choudhury, a yoga teacher from India who was five-time world champion by the age of 15, is on Kaua‘i to teach Hatha yoga classes, give lectures and host a retreat at Bikram Yoga Kaua‘i in Kapa‘a.

Rajashree has taught thousands of people around the world and is considered one of the most sought-after sources on yoga. She will be giving Hatha yoga classes and lectures at Bikram Yoga Kaua‘i daily from ‪Feb. 2-7.  Rajashree is hosting a Kaua‘i retreat for people to take her Hatha yoga classes. Additionally, there will be a small break and then a lecture after each class, where she will cover more topics and aspects of yoga. What it means to do yoga and application for daily life.

Attendants will be able to learn about Yoga Therapy, Asana Benefits, Healing and Meditation Techniques. Rajashree will share more about the Philosophy of Yoga (Yamas and Niyamas), and about the emotional healing we can receive from the practice of Hatha yoga as well. She is a deep well of information.

Bikram Yoga Kaua‘i is hosting Rajashree, and opening up her Hatha yoga classes for Kaua‘i residents who can join for as many days as they can or want. They are encouraging you to attend as many classes as possible!

Pricing is as follows: All 6 Days (Classes + Lectures) $300; 6-Day ‪9 a.m. Classes $150; Single Class or Lecture just $30 a piece; 1 full day Class + Lecture $55

Yoga practice is everyday ‪at 9-10:30 a.m. Please arrive early by ‪8:45 a.m. to get your spot. Lecture follows soon after ‪around 11:15 am.

This time with Rajashree is like a retreat worth thousands of dollars. Usually, her women’s retreat around the world are packed! She’s an inspiration and not to be missed. Come meet her and share your aloha with Rajashree. Sign up a KauaiBikramYoga.com

If someone off-island wants to attend her full retreat they can sign up at Rajashree.com. Rooms at the Marriott will be provided in the full cost.

Lauren Kaye

Still in February, another guest teacher, Lauren Kaye, will be visiting Kaua‘i and teaching just four Bikram Yoga classes at Bikram Yoga Kaua‘i.

Lauren came to yoga in 2010 to improve her overall health and lose weight. Bikram Yoga helped her to meet these goals (she lost more than 100 pounds), but she also discovered a practice she loved and felt passionate about, and gained a feeling of control of her life.

A year later, she attended teacher-training, and is inspired by the opportunity to help others attain their health and wellbeing. She shares a message of empowerment and has guest-taught in over a dozen studios, including Bikram Yoga International Headquarters. She is currently traveling around the globe and putting on a large yoga festival in California in October.

Lauren is sure to motivate and to inspire anyone who seeks weight loss through hot Bikram Yoga. Join Lauren in any of the four classes she is offering while on island. Feb 6 (Monday) at 9 a.m.; Feb. 8, (Wednesday) at 5:30 p.m.; Feb. 9 (Thursday) at 9 a.m.; and Feb. 10 (Friday) at 5:30 a.m.

Bikram Yoga Kaua‘i is at 4-885 Kuhio Hwy, at Choy Village Center, just north of Safeway Kapa‘a. Visit KauaiBikramYoga.com or call 823-9642 for more information.

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