The Kaua‘i Bus has recently replaced eight aging buses in the fleet maintaining the total number of buses at 59. Photo courtesy of Kaua‘i County

In an effort to improve overall service to the public, the Kaua‘i Bus has announced numerous changes starting Sunday to its islandwide mainline and shuttle routes, according to a County of Kaua‘i news release.

There are now several additional runs to serve Saturday, Sunday and holiday route times, and significant timing changes have been made to most routes.

Route 100E and Route 150 have been discontinued

Routes 100 and 200

  • Līhu’e Courthouse will now serve as the end of Route 100, and the start of Route 200.
  • These routes now serve the Līhu‘e Airport Baggage Claim A, Līhu‘e Airport Baggage Claim B (formerly called Hawaiian Baggage), and the Līhu‘e Courthouse;
  • The on-call stops located by the Pacific Missile Range Facility and Syngenta will be limited only to peak times;
  • On Route 200, the Makaweli Post Office will now be an on-call stop;

Route 30

  • The service for Hyatt—Group Entrance has been discontinued ;

 Routes 400 and 500

  • These routes will no longer be servicing Haraguchi Farm or Friendship House (see Route 60);
  • The Old Hanalei Courthouse will now be called Hanalei Neighborhood Center;

Route 450

  • This route will no longer be servicing Friendship House (see Route 60)

Route 60

  • This route will now be servicing Friendship House;

Route 800

  • This route will no longer be servicing the Walmart bus stop; and
  • Will now be servicing the Hokulei Village-Nuhou Road bus stop.

Route 850

  • This route will no longer be servicing the Walmart bus stop;
  • The 5:30 p.m. run has been replaced by a 6:30 p.m. run
  • Laukona, Peter Rayno Park and Waipouli Courtyards are now regular stops; and
  • The route is now servicing the Hokulei Village-Kaumuali‘i Highway bus stop.

Route 70

  • The service for K-Mart, Vidinha Stadium, and Sun Village has been discontinued;
  • This route will no longer be servicing the Līhu‘e Courthouse, Līhu‘e Airport Baggage Claim A, and the Līhu‘e Airport –Hawaiian Baggage. (See route 200 and 100 for service times at these stops).

Updated bus routes and schedules will be available on all buses, posted at all new passenger shelters, and are currently available online at For more information, please call the Kaua‘i Bus at 246-8110.


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