The tiger shark, Galeocerdo cuvier, is a species of requiem shark and the only member of the genus Galeocerdo. Commonly known as sea tiger, the tiger shark is a relatively large macropredator, capable of attaining a length of over 16 feet. A 12-foot tiger shark is being blamed for the attack at Davidson’s Friday morning. Photo courtesy of NOAA

Ocean Safety officials have closed the entire stretch of Kekaha Beach to swimming due to an apparent shark bite that occurred shortly after 9 a.m. Friday, according to county officials.

A male visitor had been surfing at a popular surf spot known as Davidson’s, when he was bit by what bystanders believe to be a roughly 12-foot tiger shark.

The man sustained severe injuries to his leg and was transported to Wilcox Hospital.

Lifeguards have posted ‘Shark Sighted’ and ‘No Swimming’ signs along Kekaha Beach and are roving the shoreline to warn surfers and beachgoers to stay out of the water until further notice.

Per standard protocol, the state Department of Land and Natural Resources was notified of the incident. Lifeguards will reassess the water Saturday morning to determine if it is safe for swimming.

For updates, call the Ocean Safety Bureau at 241-4984. For a daily ocean report, visit

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