Waimea Pier

Waimea Pier – How many times have you driven through Waimea, but you still have no idea there was a pier there? Originally built as a wharf in 1865 to allow produce and farm animals to be exported, the pier ceased to be a scheduled port-of-call after Port Allen and Nawiliwili harbors were built in 1930. Today, the pier is part of a state park and is a popular fishing spot.


Coconut Corner – I’m not sure what Thai food, sandwiches and tropical fruits have in common, but they all come together at the Coconut Corner in Waimea, right before the Old Mill. Manager Lisa Brun, pictured here, said after customers drink the coconut water, the staff cuts open the coconut and gives it back to the customers, so they can eat its white meat. In case you’re more in the mood for a delicious smoothie, Brun said all their fruit is locally sourced.

Kauai Coffee

Kaua‘i Coffee – Kalaheo has the largest coffee plantation in the entire United States, with four million trees spread over 3,100 acres. Kaua‘i Coffee started in 1987, and nine years later they were producing more coffee than the entire Kona region. But what really speaks volumes is their quality. You can check it for yourself at their gift shop in Kalaheo, where they have about 30 coffee varieties available for tasting any given day. And it’s all free.


Fualupe Tuihalafatai – This talented Tongan artist sells kapa, a cloth traditionally made throughout Polynesia, including Hawai‘i, by stripping and pounding the bark of certain trees. She said her Tongan cousins pound the kapa for her – “It’s too much work” – and she paints it with Hawaiian designs. Tuihalafatai is at Menehune Products Fair at the Old Mill in Waimea from Thursday to Sunday.


Kaua‘i Chocolate Company – Let’s just skip unnecessary descriptions here. All you need to know is that it’s locally owned and made, and is in Hanapepe’s Port Allen, across the street from the Kaua‘i Island Brewery & Grill. Now go get yours. The chocolate heart is not for sale, but the opihi is their biggest seller and out-of-this-world delicious. From left to right, Allison Sagucio, Kristy Bugayong, Bryson Collado and Sharmaine Valmoja.

A good snapshot may reveal a simple pleasure that otherwise goes unnoticed. The Local Snapshots is just a tiny collection of what Kaua‘i offers to locals and visitors. Indulge yourself. And if you have any suggestions, send it to editor@forkauaionline.com.

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