photo 1Orchid Alley Kaua‘i in Historic Old Kapa‘a Town has now added an attraction that is unique to all of Hawai‘i — a Butterfly Garden.

Designed by the creative mind of Orchid Alley Kaua‘i owner Neill Sams, the Butterfly Garden has more than 50 swirling Citrus Swallowtail and Monarch butterflies, a koi pond, waterfalls made from driftwood, and. of course, internationally awarded orchids everywhere imaginable.

The Butterfly Garden is a magical place where young and old can share the beauty, mystery and hypnotic fluttering of butterflies as they feed on nectar, land on the bills of brightly colored caps, and siphon nectar from the flowers you hold in your hand.

The Butterfly Garden is also a serene place where you can choose a sitting bench overlooking the orchid-flanked koi pond while a one of a kind driftwood waterfall peacefully flows into an old teak basin which in turn overflows into the koi pond.

Inhabiting the koi pond are Romeo and Juliet, two large koi that have friendly personalities and always greet you with a whiskery smile.

Orchid Alley Kaua‘i is a certified nursery that grows and ships award-winning orchids and other tropical plants to all over the planet.

Orchid Alley Kaua‘i is at 4-1383 Kuhio Hwy in Kapa‘a, across the street from Java Kai and Mermaids Café.

Visit or 822-0486 for more information. They’re also on Facebook.

A special Mahalo to the crew at Kaua‘i Visitor Information Channel KVIC-TV for their partnership.

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