Hibiscus schizopetalus (Japanese Lantern), drawn by Akiko Enokido Hahnemühle.

Nineteenth century American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that “Earth laughs in flowers.” For the month of March, you’ll have a chance to see, and own, some of the Earth’s most beautiful laughs artistically drawn — a group of talented artists will be exhibiting their original botanical art pieces at the National Tropical Botanical Garden.

“The 2023 Florilegium Art Show features original botanical art pieces (drawings, paintings) by a group of international artists who gather at NTBG each year to document the flora of the Garden and, more broadly Hawai‘i and the tropics, through their botanical art,” said Jon Letman, of the NTBG Publications Department.

A florilegium (latin for “gathering flowers”) is a collection of illustrations that vibrantly document plants from a particular region or botanic garden. NTBG’s Florilegium is a group of botanical illustrators and artists gathered by instructor Wendy Hollender of Draw Botanical. The group gathers annually at NTBG’s headquarters to explore, study, observe and document Kaua‘i’s unique native and introduced flora through illustration, according to NTBG.

The 2023 Florilegium Art Show will be open every Thursday from March 9 to 30, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., at NTBG’s Botanical Research Center at 3530 Papalina Rd, in Kalaheo.

Prints will be available for purchase, and proceeds support NTBG’s science and conservation programs. The show is open to the public, no reservation required. If you can’t make it in person, you can still shop the online collection.

Visit www.ntbg.org for more information.


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