A Laysan albatross and its chick. Photo courtesy of PMRF

Pacific Missile Range Facility won the 2017 Chief of Naval Operations Environmental Award. Awardees were announced in Washington D.C. April 5. PMRF won the Natural Resources Conservation (small installation) award.

“Our Navy Sailors and civilians work in diverse ecosystems worldwide while performing our national security mission,” said Vice Adm. Dixon R. Smith, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Fleet Readiness and Logistics. “I commend the winners of the CNO environmental awards program for maintaining mission excellence while protecting the natural environment in which we operate. Congratulations and Bravo Zulu!”

For the 2017 competition, 61 nominations from commands around the world competed in nine award categories. The winners were selected by environmental subject matter experts for each of the categories.

The annual CNO Environmental Awards Program recognizes commands and individuals for their outstanding performance in promoting environmental stewardship.

Photo courtesy of PMRF

“Our Navy’s Environmental Department here at Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) has worked very hard with our partners on Kauai to provide the best conservation efforts to ensure the Navy’s mission and our natural resources can both thrive,” said Michelle Paduani, Installation Environmental Program Director. “This award is a great way for our team and installation to be recognized for our efforts, especially since although our team is small, we accomplish some pretty amazing things.”

PMRF collaborated with multiple agencies to include: federal and state agencies, schools, conservation organizations, the public and the community to achieve the type of success we have made with our initiatives towards conservation, environmental protection and the protection of endangered species. Some of our key initiatives are our Laysan Albatross Conservation program and “Dark Sky.”

Photo courtesy of PMRF

The Laysan Albatross Conservation program succeeded in shifting new Albatross migration from Kauai to Oahu by transferring PMRF Albatross eggs to Campbell National Wildlife refuge on Oahu providing new shelter and reducing the risk of aircraft strikes. The “Dark Sky” initiative succeeded in reducing the “fallout” of the Newell Shearwater, Hawaiian and Band- Rumped Storm Petrel by turning off all non-essential exterior lighting on PMRF during their migration season. These endangered birds are naturally attracted to light.

“I’m so proud of our team here at PMRF, where we take seriously the care of our natural resources as part of our mission,” said Capt. Vincent Johnson, Commanding Officer of PMRF. “We are proving we can do both: provide testing and training to protect our nation, and provide stewardship and oversight to protect our environment.”

“We share this award with the community who supports our environmental conservation efforts here on Kauai. Mahalo Nui Loa,” said Johnson.

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