By Jeslieann Pavao

Jeslieann Pavao

To live with love overflowing for others,

To give unselfishly to those you consider your people, your children, your sisters and brother .

You, our Princess Pauahi, have paved an amazing way,

For your people to prosper and live extraordinary lives day to day.

We are a reflection of your kindnes and love, a love that is as great as the love from our father above.

Your vision guides us in all that we do ,

We aim to live your legacy and stay true to you.

As we walk the halls upon the hill of Kapālama,

We learn daily to aloha, hō‘ihi, and mālama.

These are the ways in which you lived your life,

Undoubtedly attracting a fine man who made you his wife.

Mr. Charles Reed Bishop was a perfect choice to be by your side,

For his love for you and your people he could not hide.

While one may consider living for his own needs,

Your husband chose to honor you with bountiful  deeds.

Your dreams were big and had no end,

He made sure he fulfilled them and made the outcome grand.

Today we praise you and give you the honor you deserve,

A very special place in our heart for you we will always reserve .

“Mahalo e Pauahiokalani” we shall always utter with pride,

May our voices echo loudly with the coming of each tide.

Hail to you our princess for opening our eyes to see,

That we can achieve anything we want to be.

May you continue to hold our hand and lead the way,

With each step forward we will “I Mua” and never go astray.

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