Saturday, June 15
10:30 am, 12:00 pm, and 1:30 pm
Lawai International Center

Tea Ceremony

All are welcome to experience a day in the ancient tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony presented by the Urasenke Kaua’i Kyoukai Tea Association at the Lawai International Center.

This rare opportunity is in the Hall of Compassion, a hand-carved structure true to 13th-century architecture built with the hands and hearts of Asian masters and volunteers from Kaua’i.

As the tea ceremony members mature with each season, this might be their last year to offer the experience.

Reservations are required due to the limit of 25 seats per session. A donation of $40 per person is required to attend.

To donate online and register, click > Donate to Lawai Internation Center.

All proceeds benefit the nonprofit 501c3 Lawai International Center.

For information, email or text or call (808) 639-1718.

Our Mission: At Lawai International Center, our mission remains steadfast – to preserve and nurture the land and its rich cultural heritage, extending a heartfelt invitation to all who wish to experience its essence through the spirit of compassion and Aloha.

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