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Hawai‘i’s Older Women are 57% More Likely to Live in Poverty than Older Men

Dr. Colette Browne. Photo courtesy of UH A new analysis finds that Social Security benefits are especially crucial for older women in Hawaiʻi, who are [...]

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Kaua‘iʻs Dr. Dileep Bal Honored for Outstanding Service on Health Issues

From left to right, Dr. Dileep Bal, Dr. Lee Buenconsejo-Lum, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Sarah Bal. Photo courtesy UH Dileep G. Bal, MD, MS, [...]

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Wai‘ale‘ale Project on the Menu at RumFire’s Table 53

Sheraton Kaua‘i Resort announced this week the University of Hawai‘i Foundation’s Wai‘ale‘ale Project at Kaua‘i Community College has been selected as its beneficiary for the [...]

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