By Pam Brown

Sasha and Brandi

Sasha and Brandi

I do most of my Animal Chat consultations over the telephone, which helps me “see” what the animals want to show me, even when that’s different than what the rest of us see when we look at them.

Sasha, a small female blond Pomeranian, consistently showed me that she was a large Great Dane. She was insistent that this is what she looked like, even showing me that she took up most of the front seat in her person’s golf cart whenever they went for a ride! She also frequently showed me herself in her Great Dane body, standing stately and tall, like a royal guard.

But when Sasha showed me that her food dish was so small that she had to thrash her large Great Dane head around in it to access her food — and asked if her person could purchase a larger dish for her — it was time to help her re-connect with her true Pomeranian self.

I gently reminded Sasha that she is a very small Pomeranian, and a beautiful one at that. At first, she was disappointed to resume her normal life, and told me that she hadn’t thought she was as pretty as the previous Pomeranian in her household, who had passed on earlier. One day, when she visited her person’s son’s home and saw his two Great Danes, she had become extraordinarily impressed.

“I wanted to be regal as a Great Dane is, so everyone would know I am special,” she told me.

Cute puppy kissing kitten for Animal Chat clear backgroundOnce reconnected with her Pomeranian essence, Sasha was tickled to know that both she and Brandi (the other small dog in the household) easily fit side-by-side in the front seat of their person’s golf cart, with plenty of room to spare.

Just as people sometimes experience, Sasha had tried being something other than herself to boost her self-esteem. She finally learned how special — and beloved — she is, simply by being herself.

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