U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Seeks Public Comment on Draft Recovery Plan for 175 Species Listed as Threatened or Endangered on Kaua‘i Island

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is seeking public comment on a draft recovery plan for 175 species listed under the Endangered Species Act on the Hawaiian island of Kauaʻi. The draft plan will be available for public comment for 90 days, from April 30 – July 29, 2020.

The Service works with partners to protect and recover species, and this draft recovery plan includes specific goals, objectives and criteria that should be met for species to be considered recovered under the Endangered Species Act.

While many of the island’s species have existing recovery plans in place, this island-wide plan provides a single, unified reference for the recovery of all listed species on Kauaʻi. When finalized, this recovery plan will supersede existing species-specific recovery plans, actions and criteria. It will not supersede or impact existing recovery plans for any species that also occur on other islands.

An electronic copy of the draft recovery plan is available at our website.

To request additional information or submit comments by email, please email Megan Laut at megan_laut@fws.gov.

In order to be considered, comments on the draft recovery plan must be received on or before July 29, 2020. All comments and materials received will become part of the public record associated with this action.

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