By Pamela Varma

Valor and Pamela Murphree. Contributed photo

From the second Pamela Murphree saw her horse, Valor, when he was four months old, she felt a connection with him. But until this summer, when she contacted me to communicate with him for her, she hadn’t consciously known why.

At the time, Valor had been spending a cool summer in Utah, where he was “romping all over the place,” he told me. The more temperate Utah climate gave him the opportunity to remain in continual motion, running as much as his heart desired — much more than he would have been comfortable doing at their home in Southern California, where summer temperatures had reached 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

“I am going to be a champion jumper,” Valor told me, while showing me images in my mind’s eye of himself show-jumping, with Pamela riding him. “I’m so proud to be a show jumper. I know that’s my forte, my expertise and my delight,” he said.

Pamela confirmed that she has, indeed, been training Valor to become a show jumper, and that both Valor’s father and mother had performed in the Olympics.

But Valor’s jumping ability — and his connection with Pamela — went even further back than Pamela knew.

“We have known each other, one on another’s shoulders, 500 years ago,” Valor said, showing me images of Pamela as a 12-year-old girl during another lifetime, standing on his back, riding him bareback, her hair flying behind her.

“We know it looked wild, but it was much more controlled that people knew,” Valor told me. “We were one.”

Valor expressed his joy at Pamela now consciously understanding their deep connection that has stretched across the centuries.

“There is so much you already know about how I ride and how you are supposed to ride me. You know it in your DNA,” he told her. “Now you can begin to channel who you were in that lifetime.”

Pamela said, “It’s almost like I have been waiting for this!”

Valor agreed: “Only for 500 years!”

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