By Anni Caporuscio

The presentation at Verde’s is gorgeous, and their commitment to a customizable meal made from local ingredients stands.

You know that Verde’s has moved from their long time location in Kapa‘a to a beautiful new spot in the Hokulei Village in Puhi. Now let us announce that Verde’s is open for breakfast with a brand new menu on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Owner Maris Manzano says the choice to start breakfast was easy: She and her staff saw a need for a weekend healthy and hearty breakfast in the Lihu‘e area, so they made it happen. Maris is, as ever, appreciative of her crew and gives them credit for waking up early to make awesome things happen.

Verde’s has been a force in the Kaua‘i restaurant world for many years, and has been a leader in the “eat local” movement, as well as the customizable menu that includes all types of dietary needs. They also have created a brand for themselves with freshness and with their distinct and craveable salsas and signature aiolis, among other staples. These things have made their way into the breakfast scene.

Case in point: The Breakfast Sopaipilla, which is the Verde take on the breakfast sandwich. The Sopaipilla is the fluffy roll you find on the lunch and dinner menu, but for breakfast it’s stuffed with the meat of your choice, eggs, cheese, lettuce and tomato, and garlic aioli. For me, it is all the great breakfast things on one plate. Pro tip: Even though it’s kind of a sandwich, use a fork.

Verde’s in Puhi is spacious and clean, with air conditioning and a festive bar. It’s a perfect place for meetings, entertaining, treats and family dinners.

Also notable is the Loco Moco, a dish no self-respecting breakfast menu ignores. Verde’s version allows you to choose between local beef, antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken or pork, or chorizo hash. This is laid atop cilantro lime rice, and instead of the traditional gravy there’s chile sauce!

Here’s something intriguing: Cereal Pancakes. Chef Kristin Yanagawa, the source of Verde’s breakfast menu, brought this popular trend from O‘ahu. It’s cereal infused pancake batter. And there are little cereal surprises all over the light and fluffy pancakes that are slightly fruity and sweet. Embrace the kid side of things, but this is an adult pancake, too, in a reasonably sized portion. They’ll rotate the cereal choice so you can keep this childhood dream alive.

Verde’s Breakfast retains and expands on the quality we’ve come to enjoy from their lunch and dinner servings. It’s reasonably priced, appropriately portioned and completely customizable, so you can make it as heavy or light as you like it. When in Lihu‘e on the weekend, try Verde’s. For business meetings, town runs, farmers market, before or after church, on the way to the beach or hiking, and all the other things — this is a good treat.

Verde’s is in Hokulei Village Shopping Center, at 4454 Nuhou St., Suite 501 in Puhi. Call for takeout at 320-7088, or visit to order online.

  • Anni Caporuscio is a food lover and can be found daily at her Kapa‘a business, Small Town Coffee.

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