By Barbara Bennett, Publisher

Jill Casey

Jill Caisey

I met Jill Caisey when she and her husband where here on island to make plans for their permanent residence on Kaua‘i. She immediately qualified as a sales and marketing representative For Kaua‘i. Her long term successful sales career in the biotech industry for the last 10 years was significant, and I just liked her warmth and personality.

That was more than two years ago. I finally can welcome her as a full-time resident of Kapa‘a and as a member of the For Kaua‘i Magazine team. Her passions for family, surfing, paddling and biking make her a perfect fit for Kaua‘i.

The bike path has quickly become one of Jill’s favorite spots to start the day and reflect on how blessed she feels to be working and living on Kaua‘i.

“My husband and I have been trying to figure out how to move to Kaua‘i ever since our first trip to Hawai‘i in 2001,” Jill said. “Kaua‘i quickly became the family’s favorite island after we purchased a home here two years ago.”

They are still completing their final move but look forward to experiencing everything this amazing place has to offer.

Jill’s ability to work with clients in the areas of social media, web strategies and print media will help to brand and define your business or organization.

She is defined as being very service oriented and a good listener. Jill will show you how For Kaua‘i Magazine can assist you in your business and organization and help to create solutions to increase customer-base and website activity.

Please welcome Jill Caisey. She will be actively working to help businesses, nonprofits and be in service to Kaua‘i and For Kaua‘i.


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