By Samantha Fox Olson

Samantha Fox Olson

Samantha Fox Olson

Having the privilege of serving as a health coach to people all around the globe, I have heard a common belief disconnecting people from their amazing bodies.

This belief wrecks havoc in our bodies’ miraculous ability to teach us and guide us to greater freedom and well being. It keeps many people trapped in a body that feels heavy, slow and dull. It can make us feel inadequate, broken and robbed of an energetic and strong, healthy body.

But good news: Uprooting these negative beliefs can positively aid us in creating a more inspiring life and body, one that feels effortlessly alive with enthusiasm, power and magnetic radiance.

I recently expressed my gratitude for my healthy body on Facebook after hiking Hanakapi‘ai Falls. That trail is no joke in the pouring rain, by the way.

“Train smart and live full out! So grateful my body allows me to explore such terrain. So grateful for my healthy knees, my supple spine and my happy feet. So appreciative of my strong legs and vibrant heart.

“Don’t let your body down. Your body has never abandoned you or turned its back on you. Never!

“Give your body the attention it requires to thrive and life this life to the fullest!

“So much beauty to be experienced.”

And there was one response I want to share in hopes of bringing a new perspective to anyone who may feel the same:

“I’ve been feeling down lately. The aches and pains have left me feeling as if my body is letting me down I want to do more than I am physically able to and whenever I try to push it, I regret it! Not sure how I should proceed. Any advice?”

Here’s some fitness advice that truly serves:

1- Change your perspective. Open up to the possibility that your body has never turned its back on you. Stop trying to prove your body has failed you! Instead, start to look for evidence on the contrary. What if the truth is that each and every one of our bodies is a miracle of magnitude? What if we give up on our bodies way before they give up on us? What if your body is your greatest teacher and most loyal beloved? Shift any belief that your body doesn’t work right. If you feel stuck, seek support from someone who can help you to shift this thought. Once you do, you will be able to have a new and exciting relationship with your body, and you may blow your mind at what you discover.

2- Each day is a new day. Allow your body to speak to you daily. Meet your body where she/he is at moment by moment. Some days, you will be able to push yourself harder. Other days, backing way off is required and the most loving thing we can do for ourselves. Meet yourself where you are daily. Don’t let where you were yesterday define where you are today.

Samantha Fox Olson

Samantha Fox Olson

3- If your body is aching and in pain, go back to the basics, learn proper alignment. This is huge. Don’t push it in this scenario, but don’t do nothing and give up either. That’s the worst thing you could do for your body. Instead, give yourself the time to go back to the basics. Some forms of yoga can be a great way to learn proper alignment. Go back to getting a solid foundation with a beginner’s mind. You will eventually find yourself stronger than ever!

4- Give your body the attention it deserves. Warm up and cool down effectively. If your body is aching, it may just be asking you to give it some extra attention and time it requires to go beast-mode for you. Get into the gym early before class and warm up, show up for your private session early and warm up, walk to your workout, etc. And stay after to stretch.

  • Samantha Fox Olson is a yoga and fitness instructor on the North Shore of Kaua‘i and reaches a global audience with her online programs and retreats. Find out more at and find her at

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