By Pam Brown

Mika, the whippet

Mika, the whippet

I’ve been blessed to be able to communicate with animals. What they say is sometimes surprising, often funny, and always their truth at that moment.

The first thing Mika, a female Whippet, said to me when I connected with her was, “I’m not a dog anymore.”

This surprised me because normally the first thing an animal says is, “I’m a dog,” or “I’m a cat.” They are quite clear of who they are.

Mika told me she was no longer a dog because she had not run in a very long time and had to stay indoors almost all day. Her body was so confused by this lack of physical activity, that she actually believed that she was no longer a dog.

Mika’s people explained that Mika had become aggressive to other dogs at the dog park, so they could no longer take her there.

Mika told me she didn’t know why she acted aggressively at the dog park. I explained to her how potentially harmful her behavior was. She was shocked and said she had never realized that before. (Often animals don’t understand things that seem obvious to us as humans.) She said she certainly did not want to harm anyone, human or animal.

I explained to her that the only way she would be allowed the privilege of running in the dog park was if she could find enough mental clarity to control her behavior. After some discussion, she agreed to be calm and obedient at the dog park.

Cute puppy kissing kitten for Animal Chat clear backgroundThis is what her owner texted me the following evening: “I took Mika to the dog park. I left her off the leash, and she was awesome!!!! She was friendly to all the other dogs and her tail was wagging!!!!”

While there’s no way to guarantee that every animal will respond this perfectly, animals are typically more willing to making changes than most of the people we know!

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