Coral Toolkit Allows Floating Larvae to Transform into Reef Skeletons

Two newly settled juveniles and a swimming larva on coralline algae. Photo courtesy of Hollie Putnam In a study published last week, researchers from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Rutgers University and the University of Haifa identified key and novel components of the molecular “toolkit” that allow corals to build their skeletons [...]

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KCC Honors Earth Day 2016

Earth Day 2016 team: Benjamin Katz, Daniel Erickson, Justin Carvalho, Rosie Sanders, Dawn Wooten, Molly Summers, Livingston Rowen. Photo courtesy of KCC Kauaʻi Community College joined the world to officially celebrate Earth Day 2016 April 22. Weather conditions were perfect for the college to honor the occasion as winds softly moved through kukui, avocado, [...]

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Ke Nani Kapa o Hawai‘i

By Léo Azambuja Kawaikini Public Charter School senior Jaclyn Ku‘uleimomionalani Ka‘ahanui, left, and sister Jaylyn Kawaiopua-Ululani Ka‘ahanui, a junior at the school, are seen here holding kapa and kapa making tools at the hut built by students in the school’s Hawaiian garden. It was an ordinary early morning. People all around Kaua‘i were [...]

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GIRR — Kaua‘i’s Roller Derby Team

By Anni Caporuscio Lined up for a hitting drill are Chilly Pepper, Carrie Prankster, Michelle O. Bomber, Laurengitis, Maelstrom, Hawaiian Punch and The Carnie. Derby is a magical combination of toughness and witticism that brings a team together. That’s right, roller derby is alive and rolling on Kaua‘i. Two years ago, for Christmas, [...]

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Holo Holo Paniolo Grill

By Anni Caporuscio The Classic Rancho. Smothered in house-made double chile BBQ sauce, it has cheese and hearty strips of bacon sitting underneath grilled onions and avocados. All burgers are made with artisanal buns and when in season, come standard with avocados. You also get a thick slice of tomato, local greens and garlic [...]

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Last Call — Lobster and Kona Crab Season Closes Sunday

Hawaiian spiny lobster. Photo courtesy of NOAA If you love your fresh-caught local lobster or Kona crab, you’d best catch it quickly because the season closes Sunday. The closed season for ula (spiny lobster), ula papapa (slipper lobster) and Kona crab runs from May 1 through the end of August. During that time, it’s illegal to take, [...]

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DLNR on TV — Renegades, Risks and Rewards of the Napali Coast

Enforcement at Kalalau Beach earlier this year. Frame grab courtesy of DNLR Months of enforcement action by the state Department of Land and Natural Resources at one of the most pristine state parks on Kaua‘i will now go mainstream. This weekend, KFVE will air Renegades, Risks and Rewards of the Napali Coast, a [...]

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Microbial Takeover on Coral Reefs?

A healthy reef dominated by calcifying corals and coralline algae, Line Islands. Photo by Jennifer Smith, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Coral reefs — the world’s most productive and diverse marine ecosystems — rely on a masterful recycling program to stay healthy. The corals and algae that form the base of the reef’s food [...]

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Cane Juice, Hops, Yeast — the 1st Hawaiian Beer

By Jan TenBruggencate Hawaiian sugarcane Early European voyagers got their brew where they could find it. Certainly, ships left their home ports well supplied, generally, with casks of rum, and perhaps bottles of wine, and maybe some traditional barley beer, but by the time they got well into the Pacific, and long months [...]

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Prince Kuhio Day at the Hyatt

By Léo Azambuja From left to right, Serena Lopez, Melia Okura, Wyatt Harsell, Andrew Davalos, David Rickards, Matea Davalos and Jaron Parongao Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole was the great-grandchild of King Kaumualiʻi and the hanai son of King Kalākaua and Queen Kapiʻolani. In 1903, he was elected Hawaiʻi’s Republican delegate to Congress, a [...]

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