Micro Plastics Cleanup at Lydgate Saturday

The public is invited to a two-hour beach grooming this Saturday, July 29, from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. to beautify the Eastside’s most popular beach, Lydgate. Recent king Tides have set micro plastics — those small chips of floating plastic trash — adrift, causing major deposits on our popular Lydgate Park swimming pond beach. The [...]

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Moonlight & Music at NTBG

The 10th annual Moonlight & fundraiser benefitting National Tropical Botanical Garden will rock the South Shore Saturday, Aug. 5. This year’s event features dinner, drinks and dancing to the lively tunes of Kaua’i dance band The Quake at NTBG’s McBryde Garden in Lāwa‘i. Tickets to the event may be purchased at http://ntbg.org/moonlightmusic. “Moonlight & Music is [...]

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UH Scientists Grow Green Turtle Skin in Lab

Green sea turtles are listed as threatened or endangered. Photo courtesy of Thierry Work, USGS Scientists, including Tina Weatherby with the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, published a study wherein they reconstructed the skin of endangered green turtles, marking the first time that reptile skin [...]

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UH Research Uses Satellites to Predict End of Volcanic Eruptions

Map of 34 volcanoes used to test hypothesis. Image courtesy of UH Researchers from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology recently discovered infrared satellite data could be used to predict when lava flow-forming eruptions will end, as recently reported by UH. Using NASA satellite data, [...]

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DLNR’s Forest Legacy Program Seeking Conservation Applications

The Department of Land and Natural Resources is seeking new projects for its Hawaiʻi Forest Legacy Program that will protect important working forest lands from the threat of conversion to non-forest uses, according to a DLNR news release. The Forest Legacy Program, administrated through DLNR’s Division of Forestry and Wildlife, is accepting applications for conservation [...]

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UH: Rapa Nui People Cultivated, Managed Crops

Moai on Rapa Nui. Photo courtesy of Terry Hunt Research by an international team, including University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa geology professor Brian Popp, has shed new light on the fate of the ancient people of Rapa Nui, or Easter Island. “It’s been proposed that vast forests of giant palm trees were cut [...]

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UH: Biodiversity Loss from Deep-Sea Mining Unavoidable

Cayman vent shrimp at hydrothermal vent. Photo courtesy of NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. Biodiversity losses from deep-sea mining are unavoidable and possibly irrevocable, an international team of 15 marine scientists, resource economists and legal scholars argue in a letter published recently in the journal Nature Geoscience, according to a recent [...]

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Alzheimer’s – Is it Our Future?

By Laurel Coleman, MD — Kaua‘i Medical Clinic Laurel Coleman, MD It is common knowledge that we are living longer than ever before. Advances in public health, surgery, vaccines and medications for chronic diseases have contributed to longer life expectancies for many people. Less discussed however is the growing epidemic of Alzheimer’s Disease [...]

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Koloa Teacher Launches Move-and-Play Reading Product

A Kaua‘i teacher launched her innovative reading product that uses movement and play to teach children how to read. Reading Wave, a new language arts program is now available for parents, grandparents, teachers, tutors, and homeschoolers to pre-order on Kickstarter for a limited time. The Kickstarter campaign is the launch of Kuzma’s business. Reading Wave [...]

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Giant Sea Spiders Use Legs, Gills, Guts as Hearts

UH Mānoa researcher Amy Moran dives with sea spiders in Antarctica. Photo courtesy of R. Robbins Sea spiders, a bizarre and ancient group of marine arthropods in the class Pycnogonida, breathe in a way not previously known to science, according to a study involving University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa researcher Amy Moran and [...]

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