The year of WIT’s fourth biennial 10-minute play festival, Kaua`i Shorts is coming.  It’s time to sharpen your pencils, cudgel your brains, buy some fresh midnight oil and create your mini magnum opus.

Typcally, WIT produces about 16 plays during the festival.  The plays are chosen by a panel of experienced judges, and if things go as in the past, the audience will vote on their favorites who are honored with a large piece of paper given on the last day of performances, acknowledging the accomplishment!  Much applause accompanies the giving of the large piece of paper!

You may submit your precious brainchilld as an email attachment at any time before April 1st to
If your work is selected for performance, you may be asked to send a hard copy, also.  Many authors use the free program CELTX that works well for all concerned.

You may choose any subject that is suitable for a general audience; however plays that have been professionally produced are ineligible.

A word of advice:  a play with a large number of actors is difficult to cast and one or two have regretfully been put aside in the past for that reason.  Also, neither curving staircases nor crashing chandeliers, please.  Keep it simple.  We can send you more explicit criteria upon request to the above email address.

The KCC Performing Arts Center is the site for the festival the weekend of August 9th to the 11th.  Our deadline for submissions is April 1, 2013.

May the muse be with you!

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