Americorps team Blue 2 began Its first project in San Jose working with Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful. They worked and removed over twenty tons of garbage from the city watershed in Its six week first round project. The team also worked with the Santa Clara County Parks, volunteering at its very beautiful Fantasy of lights, and maintaining one of the many parks. Removing invasive species of plants and a variety of other tasks.
In its current project, Blue 2 is working with Habitat for Humanity of Kauai working to construct a dust fence in order to keep the new homes free from the red dust of the island. The team also is assisting with the construction of many of the homes under construction assisting with siding, roofing, and a variety of other tasks.

Here is a short description of each team member!

Team Leader Lindsey Earl is from Littleton, Colorado. She went to Colorado State University and studied Environmental Sociology. She was very involved in service trips and leadership in college and founded a Fair Trade organization. After graduation, she applied for NCCC to serve communities within her home country and step outside her comfort zone. She served one year as a Corps Member and returned as a Team Leader. Her hobbies include hiking, painting, and letter-writing.

Greta Schaaf. Physical Training coordinator and Team Coordinator:
Greta, 19, is from northern Virginia who really enjoys helping others out. She joined Americorps for her gap year before college to gain work experience and to collaborate as a team. She has already learned more essential skills in just 2 out of the 10 months in this program than through her 4 year high school experience.

Shameka James. Point-of-Contact Liaison and Secondary Recruiter:
Shameka James is a resident of Springfield, Massachusetts. She is enjoying her time working and exploring the beautiful island of Kauai. The AmeriCorps program has provided vast opportunities to serve in various communities. She plans on taking what she learns from them and applying it to her life. Graduate school is next on her list after she completes the program.

Guilene Tiako. Peer Helper: Guilene Tiako is a resident of Worcester, Massachusetts. Originally from Cameroon, she moved to Massachusetts two years ago and now serves with Americorps Blue 2 as a Peer Helper. It is a great pleasure for her to serve in this community of Kauai and meet so many interesting and kind-hearted individuals. She enjoys helping people in whatever capacity she can and getting to know them on a personal level.

Jessica Maniglia. Service Learning Initiator, Food Point-of Contact, Secondary Van, Safety, and Tools coordinator. Jessi Maniglia (23 years) is from Merrimack, NH. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science. She hopes to serve others, and learn more about the community as a whole.

Elise Ballan. Peer Helper: Elise Ballan is from New Jersey, and the youngest member of the team with the specialty role of “Peer Helper”. This is her first time in Hawai’i. She is very excited to be working with Habitat for Humanity on the beautiful island of Kaua’i, and to be serving in NCCC before she attends Mcgill University in the fall.

Sullivan Griffin. Primary Recuiter, secondary Media Representative, and Team Strategizer: Sullivan Griffin is from Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated from Billerica Memorial High School in 2012. After a semester of college, he left and began to work full-time in the restaurant business. After three years of that, he joined Americorps to serve his country and gain invaluable working experience that Habitat for Humanity Kauai has already provided him with. His interests include sports, stand-up comedy, and music.

Ward Westray. Secondary Physical Training coordinator and Life After Americorps representative: Ward Westray is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He graduated from Drake University in May of 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. He joined Americorps because of his interest in giving back to communities and his interest in working in the non-profit sector once the program ends. His interests include ultimate frisbee, tennis, orchestra, and studying other languages.

Aude Girin. Van, Safety, and Tools coordinator: Aude Girin is a 23 year old from Philadelphia, PA and a graduate of Pennsylvania State University. Aude joined AmeriCorps NCCC to immerse herself in new service opportunities while gaining new perspectives and understandings of various community needs across America. Her interests include slack-lining, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Janetta Hoskins. Primary Media Representative: Janetta Hoskins is from Salisbury, North Carolina. She graduated from Jobcorps in 2015 as a certified union painter and joined Americorps to see the country and get involved in communities. She is
very enthusiastic and interested in assisting Kauai Habitat for Humanity in whatever capacity necessary. Her interests include cooking, k-pop, anime, poetry.

Gabe Pope. Environmental Liason: Gabe Pope is from Danville, Kentucky. He graduated from the program last year and is currently undergoing his second year. He enjoys serving communities as a whole and seeing his work have a direct impact on said communities. His interests include hiking, outdoor activities, photography, listening and playing music.

We hope to serve in your community with professionalism, distinction, hard-work, resilience, and enthusiasm. We thank you for allowing us into the community and allowing us room to learn, serve, and grow. Thank you very much!!


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